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A message to RB (and artists) about Pinterest

This was a very bad move RB, what were you thinking?! Myself, and as I continue to see, many others are not pleased with this recent “Pin it” feature, I, like so many others found out through message boards about the “Opt out” notice. This should have been offered as an “opt In” option, so that those of us that didn’t catch your 12 hour message window would have had the chance to protect our work! Now several of my pieces, along with so many others here on RB are showing up on Pinterest, without my permission, because I missed that window! And to make matters worse, I have recently learned of another site that an unsettling amount of our work is showing up without our permission! We thought that our work was relatively safe here, that you at RB had our best interest in mind, you benefit by sales of our work, we receive our percentage, but without our work, what do you have to sell?!?
I am asking this of you, the staff of RedBubble, to please help us protect our copyrighted works, and make this an option strictly for those who believe that this is an option for increasing sales and not what it truly is…a sight for thieves!!!


  • peechez2010
    peechez2010about 2 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more Shutterbug. I am feeling blindsided at best over this. Now we have daunting task of hunting down each piece, providing proof it is ours, hunting down the re-pins, submitting form after form. RB did not have the artists in mind on this one. Thank you for the post and the info. Hugs, Peach ;0)

  • Thank you Peach, I appreciate all of the work and commitment you are putting into this cause, if only everyone would see and understand the importance of this, most of all the staff at RB! I see a few people claiming to be on the pro-Pinterest side saying it has helped with sales, but I’m willing to bet that they have no idea of the amount of people taking their work without them even knowing! I hope we can help our RB friends and the entire community protect what they are passionate about, their art!

    – shutterbug2010

  • EdsMum
    EdsMumabout 2 years ago

    I agree with you Steve…Well spoken. Shirley

  • Thank you Shirley, I hope that you will help spread the word, otherwise RedBubble , as in other photo/art sites will become a free-for-all for anyone looking for art to latch on to, illegally!
    Your Friend, Steve

    – shutterbug2010

  • Poete100
    Poete100about 2 years ago

    This stuff is happening so fast…I can’t beleive they took the right to decide for us…
    no, they should not do this and yes, they should stop it immediately…so there
    thanks so much for posting this new one…

  • Thank you Lorraine, please help spread the word, our work is vulnreable in more ways than one, if enough people join together, perhaps the appropriate changes will be made!

    – shutterbug2010

  • Brenda Dahl
    Brenda Dahlabout 2 years ago

    Great work Shutterbug,..,… I couldnt have said it better…..I am bestilled by this horrible act from RedBubble…..

  • Thank you Brenda, keep on fighting to protect our copyrights, together we can make changes happen!!

    – shutterbug2010

  • jodi payne
    jodi payneabout 2 years ago

    I am just seeing tis for the first time…not happy!!

  • Jodi, please read and follow all the journal entries and messages regarding this, a simple act of favoriting can help us spread the word, changes won’t happen without us!!

    – shutterbug2010

  • peechez2010
    peechez2010about 2 years ago

    How Can Pinning a Photo Cost a Person Money?

    Although the simple act of pinning a photo to your pinboard may seem unimportant, it can easily hurt the original creator’s chances of earning money from it. There are three main ways this can happen (although there are probably many more):
    •Once the photo you pinned on your board is indexed by Google, the image will display in Google image search. Since Pinterest is a larger site than the average blog or personal site, it will rank higher in the image search than the original picture, meaning that the original picture will often get far less traffic.
    •Images can be imbedded into other sites. If those sites earn money from the pages where those photos are displayed, they are making money from them without any of that revenue returning in any form to the original image creator.
    •If you visit a site where the author has taken a photo from elsewhere, with correct attribution, you are still not correctly attributing. You are providing a link to the author of the article, not to the original artist. The only way to avoid this is to go to the original artist’s work.

  • Thank you Peach, I wish that everyone would put in the effort that you are in fighting for our rights to protect our work! Keep on fighting Peach, your Pitbull like tenacity will make a definite impact!
    I’m proud of you Peach!! ;~)

    – shutterbug2010

  • Stan Owen
    Stan Owenabout 2 years ago

    I either have not seen this pin feature or it has been taken down. To the best of my knowledge, I have not used it. Red Bubble should do something about it. I put my work on RB to share and learn from my RB friends, no one else. It begs the question, If RB has done this without seeking the consent of it’s members, should we remain on RB ?

  • The one most important thing Red Bubble should realize, that without our artistic contributions, what do they have to make a profit from? Don’t get me wrong, I love it here on Red Bubble, I have learned much, grown as an artist, and made connections to people all around the world that I never would have otherwise, and up until recently, I felt safe having my work here, and I hope that that feeling will soon be restored. Please keep following these developements, as they affect us all as artists hoping to profit from our own efforts, and not becoming art donors for scrapers and thieves.

    – shutterbug2010

  • trueblvr
    trueblvrabout 2 years ago

    thank you Shutterbug….I hate to think this way but it’s getting awful close to quiting time here for me…

  • Don’t give up yet Di, RedBubble has been a great site for us, and even though they have made some pretty major changes in the past, causing many to drop out, but they have shown that they are willing to make further changes to keep the members happy. This wasn’t a very smooth move for them, and we are trying to make a change happen, but we need to stick together and support each other, show them that we can adapt to change, as long as those changes aren’t ones that are going to hurt the artists! Hang in there my friend, I would hate to see you go!

    – shutterbug2010