Favor....Just a quick phone call or email today to help a condemned wild horse

UPDATE: 4-12-12
It worked! They have agreed to let rescue save the mare.
Stop calling. If you want, write a follow-up thank you email.

Hope you can help…

I was wondering if you could make a quick phone call or post a quick email TODAY to ask the director of the Whatcom Humane Society to reconsider putting down a 12-year old wild mustang that they have determined to be “unsound of mind” (wild), and a liability risk so they won’t adopt her out.

Please ask Laura Clark to:
1. Reconsider putting the mare down.
2. Allow someone from Leslie ’Peeple’s group to evaluate and rescue the mare, even if liability releases are required. (I have been told they have the contact info for Leslie Peeple’s group.)

Contact info is:

Laura Clark, Executive Director