Our Visitor Has Flown!

Recently I posted about the baby hawk who has been growing up in the tip top of one of our towering pine trees.

Yesterday I got to see him fly for the first time. Not his first time, but the first time I’ve seen him do it. That was amazing. Mommy hawk was nearby to keep an eye on me!

This gives me mixed emotions as I know he will soon be moving on. I hope to get some better shots of him before he goes.

Because seeing him out and about this last week has been so special, the following is something I made up in his honor.

We had a visitor in our backyard….

Baby Hawk Brancher
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

He’s not happy.
He’s just a baby,
and his parents want him to
learn to fly and hunt on his own.
His plaintive cries fill the air
most days now, while his parents
keep a watchful but distant eye on him.
Before long,
he will fly away on his own.
But for now,
his tail feathers have not yet
completely grown out,
and he still has some
cute baby fuzz on his head.
This day he was
at the very top of a tree
far from his nest.
At one point, noticing
me watching,
he tucked his head
beneath his wing
as if to say,
“If I can’t see you,
you can’t see me.”
In this one, he looked right at me,
but was careful to keep
the sun behind himself
making him difficult to see.

If only I had a longer, stronger lens…

At this age, the young birds
are sometimes called branchers.
People think they are
lost and need help
because their cries
are so insistent.
Don’t be fooled.
Mom is watching.
Capturing the babies
of this age
only messes up
the natural order of things.
Taken with a Canon EOS 7D and a
Canon 18mm-200mm lens
near Lake Isabella, California, USA.
Layered with my own
photographic textures
with PhotoShopCS5.
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