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Hello All! I’m Shurmmi, a Brooklyn born Bangladeshi artist who loves cheeseburgers and water lilies. But what I love even more, is drawing. Words aren’t my strong thing, so I’ll let my art do the talking. Here you’ll find all my creations.
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  • Age: 22
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My Own Business~

I’ve been thinking more and more about making my own line of clothing and other merchandise. That’s what my latest illustration have been~ Designs I created that I’d like to make into actual garments. I also have tons of ideas for bags :D!! / I love drawing, and I love sewing! And I’m gonna combine the two to make awesome stuff :)…hopefully / Any advice guys?
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Me :D!

Hi guys! It’s been a while haha- long story short, my internet has been gone for faar too long! And also Ramadan started so I’ve been busy with other stuffs~ I just doodled dumped here at red bubble :)
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Graduate ^w^

It has been a week since I graduated :O! / I have been sleeping and job hunting~~ / and thinking about the future o…. / Still looking still drawing <:)
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Throw pillows??

Thats so cool!!! >.< gaaah but i haven’t adjusted the images to fit on pillows nicely :X I gota get on that asap~~
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