Away for a Week!

I am leaving for Prince Edward Island tomorrow to attend my granddaughter’s wedding and will be back next Wednesday or Thursday.

I hope to take lots of photographs, hopefully, not of the snow – apparently there is still quite a bit there. Don’t care how wet or cold it is, I am going to walk on the beach!!

See you soon – Stephanie

Tote Bags

Since these latest f-ups have occurred, how do you make tote bags now – when you post a new image, it shows everything but tote bags

I have a new theory on why RB is making everyone so frustrated – they are hoping we will all quit, they can close down RB and claim it as a tax loss!


They are doing they civic duty to help the need and only hiring inmates from defunct mental asylums!

Either way, RB ou really doing a fantastic job in ticking people off – if there were a medal for this, you would get two!

I need Help with scarves!!!

How do you edit the scarf image so you can save it as just the scarf? All the products, including the scarf, show up when I post them, but when I go to my portfolio, the scarf is missing. It is there when I edit it but it doesn’t stay.

I would really like to save the scarf as a separate entity but I can’t get that to work either – getting seriously frustrated!!!


Is anyone else having a problem uploading images – I have been trying for ages and it never goes beyond 0% upload.

This is getting to be too ridiculous !

Did you Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder why it is so frustrating dealing with government agencies, the telephone and electric companies, etc.?

All the employees of these companies graduated with honours from Red Bubble! Every government in the world is clamouring for these graduates, especially the ones who who specialized in “Sowing Discord and Dissent” 1 & 2 and have the RB motto “NEVER EXPLAIN, NEVER APOLOGIZE” tattooed on the foreheads. This motto, by the way, is in every office of RB and emblazoned over the front door in neon lights.

I have it on good authority that this is a devious plot by the sinister and elusive Mr. Baxter (a pseudonym for “Mr. Big”) to sow chaos and havoc everywhere in a bid to take over the world! Just be glad that the Department of Hig…

Prerequisites for employment at RB

1. You have to sign an Official Secrets Act – G-d forbid you should advise anyone of new changes

2. You have to have a quota for format changing ideas – the more complicated the better – used to be you had to have at least one a month, but I guess the stakes are higher now and they are trying for one a week!

The winner gets bragging rights until the next time.

Did RB’ers never hear of the old adage "IF IT AIN’T BROKE – DON’T FIX IT!!!