Oni World Game Update

Designing a game can be a slow process, whether in a big team with hundreds of people or in a small, indie outfit, like me and my fellow cohort Sam. We started talking about the Oni World game back at the start of September and, as I write this, its now the middle of October.

Because I’m so close to the project, its hard for me to objectively know whether or not we’re moving fast on it, or we’re going slower than the norm. But, a little glance over the design work I’ve managed to squeeze out in my ‘free’ time, and the screen shots of the game’s engine Sam has produced so far (as well as the working tests he sent me), I feel like we’re moving at a reasonable pace with all things considering.

Nether-the-less, I wanted to spend a little time to share some of the new design work that has been produced since the game’s inception. A lot of this work has already been published to the newly revamped Oni World Website, but its nice to show that progress is happening.

A key piece from the story of the game.

An “Elder Warden.” Adding to the lore of the world. Likely to only make a brief appearance in the game.

“Klank,” the hero of the game.

A rough concept for “Clandestine,” a thief character that may, or may not work her way into the game.

“Vilmos” character concept. This guy is one to watch.

Work also begun on Level Design too:

Just one of many “Factory Assets” that have been created so far.

More rough design work on parts that will make up the Factory Level.

Every game needs its background actors, this is one of ours. Its a Whacky waving, robotic arm, tube sorting robot. Patent Pending.

Thanks for taking a look. If you want to see more art work, or keep more up to date with the progress of the game, go like the Facebook page for it, check out the Oni World website, join the mailing list and stalk either me or Sam on Twitter. You can also follow the production blog for the game and get more regular screen shots of the engine as its gets made and also more rough concept work too.

Lloyd Harvey

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