Painting an Angel, Pt 1.

Whilst sorting through my art archive, I came across this unfinished angel painting that I had begun back in 2010. I have decided that it is about time it was finished, but first, I felt it needed a little bit of a rework.…

The original angel painting, created with an ink pen of some board. I had intended to paint it with acrylics but, for some unknown reason, I never finished it.

Here is the beginnings of the rework. Its in its very early rough stages but I feel its starting to convey a little more of a story.

I’ve decided to try for something a bit sinister tonally, and twist what an archetypal angel would look like and how it would behave. Here, I want the angel ‘creature’ to appear to be tormenting the faerie (which has replaced the butterfly) in the jar, and to achieve this, I have gi

New Artwork: What If Materials, Pt. 1

This project started its life as one thing, but soon became something else. Originally a response to a hurtful comment made against me and my work (to my face I might add), this project went from the “I’ll show you” attitude I adopted, to “I’ll show myself.” As such, it has become an on going endeavour of experimentation, study and improvement.

The idea behind this project, partly, is to not rely too heavily on photographic texture overlays to provide all the detail to the piece I’m working on and to take the time to study and manually paint a variety of textures and materials. As the name suggests, this is part one in a long process. The world is full of materials and textures and here, I’ve only shown a tiny variety in a general way and this is why I want it to be a continuos activity.

Oni World: Klank's Story Art Update (From November)

A lot has happened since the last update for the game me and Sam have been working on. Here is a collection of art and visuals from the game created from the end of October through November. I hope you enjoy:

Steam Train Asset for the Factory Level

Factory Asset Sheet 2

Factory Assets getting plugged into the Level Editor

Bridge Asset Test

Klank Sprite Prototype

Also, to demonstrate the versatility of the game’s engine, the “Oni Engine,” we’re also making a little connect-the-elements game that we’ll be releasing hopefully soon. Here are the game screens for it:

Thanks for taking a look. Please be sure to check out for more progress on the game as we make it. Thanks!


Make It Personal, Make It Great

Now is the time to seize opportunity and make something. Whether it be an app, a comic, a novel or even a web series; now more than ever, you have the power of the internet at your fingertips to get something funded, get it up and running and have it seen by people who want to look at it. You can create something and sell it directly to those whose tastes align with what it is you’re selling, and make a reasonable living doing so.…

The internet is enabling creators to self publish and self distribute their own products, by passing the conventional routes. It is enabling artists to make money in ways that weren’t possible ten years ago but, what I’m saying here, is nothing new. This has been in swing for a good few years now and there are countless examples of people who have forged careers

Oni World Game Update

Designing a game can be a slow process, whether in a big team with hundreds of people or in a small, indie outfit, like me and my fellow cohort Sam. We started talking about the Oni World game back at the start of September and, as I write this, its now the middle of October.…

Because I’m so close to the project, its hard for me to objectively know whether or not we’re moving fast on it, or we’re going slower than the norm. But, a little glance over the design work I’ve managed to squeeze out in my ‘free’ time, and the screen shots of the game’s engine Sam has produced so far (as well as the working tests he sent me), I feel like we’re moving at a reasonable pace with all things considering.

Nether-the-less, I wanted to spend a little time to share some of the new design work that has been

Oni World Game

This is more of a general announcement than my usual Oni World blog postings, but its still pretty important to the Oni World project. Although it is only a few days into discussion, and so little has been decided, I am pretty excited about this and can’t contain the news. Within the space of the next 12 months, there is going to be a mobile based, Oni World game.

At the moment, we’re discussing characters and play options as the Oni World lore extends pretty far beyond what I’ve so far published on the Oni World website, so there is already a lot of potential.

It was, in a way, an inevitability being as I work as a games designer already but, it wasn’t actually my idea to do this. Credit goes to fellow co-worker at Game Odyssey, Sam Hellawell, for suggesting it. Its going to be indie re

Oni World - 005 Ogre Genetics

Not all the ogres that reside in the many cities haphazardly dotted around the planet, and the ones who huddle together in colonies and tribal camps in the vast wilderness, are of the same breed or race. It feels a little silly to make such an obvious statement but, it is worth expanding upon just to explain the wonderfully diverse makeup of the denizens of Oni World. It is also where the collective noun for ogres comes from (a mess of ogres).

Ogres are, without a doubt, the most common species on the planet but, also, the ogre branch of the tree of life is made up of more classifications of subspecies and cross breeds than the onisaurs, the sprites and decedents of the Dark Consumers put together. It is literally too many to count and, although an earnest attempt has been made in the pa

Learning To Live

Three years ago I quit my IT job and struck out into the world all wild eyed as I sought to support myself with my art. At the time, I wanted to be a gallery artist where I would paint what I wanted, put it online and in galleries and I’d sell loads, make loads on prints and I’d be carried down the street like some kind of art champion.

Well its safe to say that that never happened and, in all likeliness, was never going to happen. You see, although I wanted it enough, had all the positivity in the world, the passion for those dreams and the guts to stick my neck out there and try somethings, my expectations were marvellously unreal. I was wearing some whopping rose tinted glasses alright, the best you could ever see.

So these last three years have had some ups and downs, hard realisatio

Always Practicing, Always Studying

“Untitled Rock Study” acrylic on canvas board, 5 × 7…

As a designer, an illustrator or artist, you realise pretty early on in your creative journey that you will never stop practicing or honing your craft and, also, you will never stop studying the world around you.

Because so much of what we do involves replication of real world elements and amalgamating them into new designs, new ideas and processing them in new ways, we always have to be looking at nature, at photographs, films, art and steadily consuming a large intake of visual information.

There is so much in this world and, by extension, the Universe, that there is an ever increasing amount of knowledge out there to learn and, with that, an ever growing amount of new ideas that need drawing.

There is always something we have trouble

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