Lloyd Harvey is a 2D Games Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Mad Scientist and the creator of Oni World.

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Happy Easter from the Twisted Easter Bunny.

Yeah, its that time of year again, where the demented Easter Bunny comes out of his hole and says “Hello, do you want an egg?” in the voice of Ed Wynn. *shudders / Happy Easter everyone, love the Twisted Easter Bunny.
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Oni World: Klank's Story Art Update (From November)

A lot has happened since the last update for the game me and Sam have been working on. Here is a collection of art and visuals from the game created from the end of October through November. I hope you enjoy: / Steam Train Asset for the Factory Level / Factory Asset Sheet 2 / Factory Assets getting plugged into the Level Editor / Bridge Asset Test / Klank Sprite Prototype / Also, to demonstrate t…
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Make It Personal, Make It Great

Now is the time to seize opportunity and make something. Whether it be an app, a comic, a novel or even a web series; now more than ever, you have the power of the internet at your fingertips to get something funded, get it up and running and have it seen by people who want to look at it. You can create something and sell it directly to those whose tastes align with what it is you’re selling, and…
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Oni World Game Update

Designing a game can be a slow process, whether in a big team with hundreds of people or in a small, indie outfit, like me and my fellow cohort Sam. We started talking about the Oni World game back at the start of September and, as I write this, its now the middle of October. / Because I’m so close to the project, its hard for me to objectively know whether or not we’re moving fast on…
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