Winner of the first place in SeaChanges group competition.!!!!

Its just 1.10 in the night and i was preparing for my exams and i needed a break so just logged on to RB and to my utmost surprise what i see was hard to belive..ya this is what i saw in my bubblemail from our one of the best artist – Darren, -

“Congrats Shree you won first place and a copy of In The Moment in the Seachanges Group Competition..”

Comeon guys i am so happy to read this as this is for the first time ever i am winning any kind of place and that too FIRST PLACE….really its hard to believe..but its all because of my friends and fans & RB platform without whom this would not be i thank all you guys, all the great artists and all my supporters who dont forget to just drop their two words on looking at my artworks which undoubtly give me so much strength and support that i am ready for my other creation.

God bless all the artists on RB and may this bubble grow bigger with every passing moment. RB you are doing a great job of spreading happiness and smiles in people lives who had never seen or met their supporter yet with their comments & votes only they make & take someone like me on the first place…Luv you all from the bottom of my heart..!!!


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