Just another idealist learning to deal with reality in a materialistic world. Constantly in search of some sense of identity and purpose via various art forms. I guess what I do is my way of exploring the concept of self efficacy and how it relates to fear. Exploring thoughts, emotions and morality and how it effects us as individuals and society as whole.

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5% Commissions: The Future of Print-On-Demand?

Interesting Article… / The Future of Print-On-Demand
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An important message from Henry the Rabbit

I just finished some work on an animation project for Humane Research Australia Inc and heading towards Easter, it seems a fitting time to introduce you to Henry the Rabbit. / Special thanks goes to Jordan Cadzow a young lad who loaned his vocal talent to help give Henry a voice. / Please watch and share. / [Video]
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Heineken Dog Fight Image

I recently came across a photo on social media that seemingly showed a dog fighting event with Heineken banners being displayed around the pit. I thought it looked suspicious and didn’t think that Heineken would ever promote an event such as this. After I did a little research I found that the sponsor flags were left over from a previous event to the dog fight. Heineken went into damage control w…
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Muhammad Ali on Miscegenation

[Video] / I’ve heard a few things that Ali has spoken about and I’ve agreed with what he has said but I’m a bit disappointed in him with this. I thought there was more to him than what he expresses here. / He uses the “birds don’t inter-mix breeds” argument and Parkinson brings up the point that birds don’t have intelligence. Ali then states “that’s right, we should have even more intelligence th…
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