Shootout: T minus 23 days and counting

Today Jeewai and I went and visited the curator of one of our four locations. She was very accomodating, and even offered to run a lead for power, let us set up early, even unbolt and move some tables for our crew and to allow room for the cameras.

Then we realised why: she quoted us $500 for use of the facility. We were able to negotiate this down to $100. Not bad – 80% reduction. This thing is getting expensive though!
She also said we need to consider getting approval from the local council DOH!

Me and Jeewai also back and forthed the script another half a dozen times – changes and tweaks, making it work better, a bit snappier.

Also have decided to increase the responsibilities of Mr Props, so he is effectively the artistic director, but I keep forgetting to tell him. Will tell him tomorrow. Also scheduled to check out the office location we intend to use, which is conveniently located near the city in Mr Props’s spare room.

Jeewai also dropped a bomb today, asking the director of our organisation to be Actor #2 – a cop. He’s perfect for the role, but god, will he want to hang around til midnight on a Friday night.

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