Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Black Rock, Melbourne, Australia

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  • Paul Manning
    Paul Manningalmost 5 years ago

    Hey mate – not being cheeky here, mount it up and get out there and take a heap of pics – get close to things – get far away from things and see what works – see what you like and what you don’t – that way your pics will be your style! cheers Paul

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Andersonalmost 5 years ago

    Very true mate, thanks for the advice :D

  • Mr-E
    Mr-Ealmost 5 years ago

    keep it out of bright light, don’t get it wet, and whatever you do, never feed it after midnight! Oh… wait…I’m thinking of ‘Gremlins’ the movie! Sorry!:)

    …..Apart from that just shoot and aim, I use my 10-22 99% of the time and 10% of my images come out quite well!…

  • Jonathan Stacey
    Jonathan Staceyalmost 5 years ago

    Hey Thomas…Congrats on the purchase of the most fun lens you will ever own…not the best but that’s another story…Paul is right…just shoot with it !! can get really close to things now and make them look HUGE !!….just play…it’s the best way to learn…you’ll love it !!

  • Wait, not the best lens? Elaborate lol

    – Thomas Anderson

  • Jonathan Stacey
    Jonathan Staceyalmost 5 years ago

    Ha…well..for me it is.. :))…I’m not into grading a lens based on how much you pay personally !!.consequently I doubt I will ever own a lens over $1000 and the 10-20mm gives me such fantastic results for what I love shooting..landscapes, long exposure stuff etc etc, I have no need for the high end F/2.8 range of lenses….The sigma 10-20 is just the best…good buy my friend…believe me..the world looks so different through that lens…..enjoy…Shame you’re putting it on a Canon !!..:o)))

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldover 4 years ago

    Hi Thomas, I’m a bit late for this journal but I just want to add that I reckon it’s a fabulous lens. most of my recent RB images have been shot with it and I just love it to pieces. I also found that with a bit of simple modification the Cokin P series holder can be made to work without any vignetting. My best results have been when I can get down low and shoot an interesting foreground object fairly close and still have an expansive and dramatic background… :-)

  • It really is a fantastic lens, Thanks for the late reply :)

    – Thomas Anderson