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This Mandala was created to assist in creating a feeling and attitude of ABUNDANCE in one’s life.


ORANGE COLOUR VIBRATIONS – Orange energy rules the 2nd or Sacral Chakra. Orange is Harmony, Beauty, Sexuality, Art, Creativity. Orange is a Masculine Color (Yang) and contains Red and Yellow. It is warming, enveloping, and has no time to waste. Orange is hungry, decisive and ready. Orange is the intensity of directed Fire- focused creation- with South/East as it’s direction. Orange moves in the physical body, the directed, focused Life Force with the specific intention of supplying wants, needs and desires. Orange wants to achieve. It is the best color when you bring happy attention to your projects.
GREEN COLOUR VIBRATIONS – Green energy rules the Heart Chakra. Green vibrations influence giving and receiving. Green is abundance, fertility, compassion, prosperity consciousness, harmony with nature and with others. It is about breath, circulation, being in the flow (breathing in & out – photosynthesis).Green energy offers a depth of “being” i.e. giving ourselves space so we can give others theirs. It influences decision making from the heart as opposed to the intellect, trust and faith in love, and generosity.
Green energy is the bridge between Yellow (our Will) and Blue vibrations( God’s Will).

If Green energy is blocked or imbalanced , one may experience Self-doubt, space issues in that one needs to control others, jealousy, with-holding from others, envy, greed.

BLUE COLOUR VIBRATIONS – The 5th Chakra colour on the main Khundalini stem, BLUE is the first of the colours to emerge on the cool part of the light spectrum. Through time and the revered teachings of the Ancients, their cultures and Great Mystery Schools, BLUE has come to be known as the colour of transition – “the door to the other side”. It has been acknowledged then, as the way that opens the door to the first of the Realms beyond the base energies of our physical and intellectual perception of ourselves. BLUE is a call to Trust – total Faith in the right outworking of the Universal BLUE PRINT. It is the colour of Divine communication made manifest.

VIOLET/PURPLE CLOUR VIBRATIONS – VIOLET energy rules the 7th or Crown Chakra. VIOLET is the channel for true balance, facilitating keeping one’s “feet on the ground (Earth)” – while the “head remains in Heaven”. This is the bringing of Heaven to Earth – the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – where the love of Brotherhood is expressed through service to the Divine Blueprint. Attraction to VIOLET is indicative of an individual that is seeking the recognition and realization of why they are alive (incarnated) into a body. The potential of VIOLET is resolution and communication between Body and Soul.

a general way to use these Mandalas is thru meditation and visualization…. as you look at the colour vibrations you are drawn to, begin to breath in the colour, from toes up to your head on the inhale, and from head to toes and back to the Earth on the exhale…. if you feel compelled, once relaxed close your eyes and continue the breathing and visualizing. If you find your mind straying or getting pulled into negativity, bring it back to focus on your breath and the colours.
With this Mandala specifically , you could begin with breathing the Green vibrations in thru your heart center and exhaling the same…. or use a combination of any of the colour energies – one colour on the inhalation, one on the exhalation. When you are on the inhalation, realize you are bringing fresh energy into your body, and on the exhalation you are releasing the energies that no longer serve you ( for instance negativity or fear).
When you feel you are finished, do the inhale/exhale technique with pure white light a few times. This is most effective when centered on positivity and harmony in your body, or for whatever issue you are seeking peace around. feel free to ask anymore questions if necessary Have a health-filled day……

Digital etheric art


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We are vibratory creatures and every atom of our bodies are resonating with color! The colors that the letters of your name represent are said to be chosen on another level before this current birth.

I also create digital images from dreams. Contact me if you would like one made from your dream descriptions.

Namaste <3
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