The 3 Gunas and 3 Primary Colors by shoffman

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The 3 Gunas and 3 Primary Colors by 

The 3 Gunas and 3 Primary Colors

The image was created by mySelf and the information in quotations I found on the following website:

“The eternal atman is entrapped within successive temporary bodies made of matter (prakriti). Everything made of matter undergoes three stages of existence – (1) it is created, (2) it remains for some time and, (3) it is inevitably destroyed. These three phases correspond to the three gunas – qualities or modes of material nature. Passion (rajas) creates, goodness (sattva) sustains and ignorance (tamas) destroys. These three are ranked hierarchically, with ignorance considered the lowest and goodness the highest. Each member of the Hindu trimurti representsone of the three gunas.”

“All material phenomena can be analysed in terms of the gunas. According to the soul’s preference for a particular mode, it takes on a corresponding body. A person influenced mainly by goodness will be elevated to the heavenly planets at death. Those largely in passion stay in human society, and those infected with ignorance enter into the lower species. Only pure souls, transcending even sattva guna, attain liberation (see moksha) and escape the entanglement of matter.”

Analogy with the 3 Primary Colors

From three pure colours – red, yellow, and blue – a whole palette can be created.

“By mixing three primary colours we obtain the three secondary colours – orange, green, and purple. By further mixing we create an almost infinite range, such as we see in a colour chart for paints. Similarly, from the interaction of the three gunas there emerges the entire range of life forms.”

Just as there is diversity within each section of colours, similarly within human society the three gunas create a range of individuals, each with distinct characteristics according to their specific mix of gunas.

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We are vibratory creatures and every atom of our bodies are resonating with color! The colors that the letters of your name represent are said to be chosen on another level before this current birth.

I also create digital images from dreams. Contact me if you would like one made from your dream descriptions.

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