Shirley emigrated from Malawi central Africa as an international artist and professional tutor. She continues teaching courses and workshops with Adult Education and holds Certificate 1V.
She studied at the Technical Art College overseas and her art qualifications include graduate diplomas from the Open college of Arts in London as well as the Paris School of Arts.
With many exhibitions , awards and sales to her name, she has also judged a number of shows. Her original paintings are in big demand and her love for the sea and water comes through in her watercolours.
Shirley’s figure paitning and pastels show magic – vibrant strokes.
With her ability to paint from her heart, helping people in Malawi.

  • Joined: April 2009


Inspirational Paintings

There is nothing instant about becoming a successful artist. Persistence and hard work / are needed; it also requires skills and knowledge of techniques as well as being aware which / pigments are opaque, or transparent and which paints granulate. Only with the knowledge of / watercolour pigments, can freedom enter your work. What I value most are / sketches and tonal paintings that were done on …
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