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  • Age: 45
  • Joined: October 2007



being extremely motivated… wanting nothing else than shoting pictures with my new camera… go skiing and catch the evening light in the high mountains… go ice climbing and find the endless tones of blue in the ice… / imagine you’re a long way from all this… stuck on an oil rig far out in the north sea… not being allowed to bring a camera at all… / th…
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second hand Canon EOS 5D & 24-105mm f1:4 IS USM bought today. Probably a camera far more capable than myself.. at least at this time… but hopefully I will once again find the creative core within me and believe in it.
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starting a dive into creativity

as until now… life has been temporarily… not ever again will it be so… now my mind has chosen a path my body is forced to follow. / through searching and learning, meeting and sharing, laughing and crying… my life shall grow.
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