Sherie LaPrade

Sherie LaPrade

Summerville, United States

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I’m a 31-yr-old self-taught Graphic Designer. I’ve taken classes here or there, but nothing beats the old fashioned way of learning – trial and error!!

I’ve been working at my church as the sole Graphic Designer for the past 6 years and I also run a business with my twin sister (Cheryl) designing & printing wedding invitations & social stationery!

I love to dive into photography when I’m away from my desk, and (as a designer) I’m prone to experimenting with different digital effects (digital painting, faux lomo, single-image hdr, cross-processing, textures, etc.) Adobe Creative Suite & Lightroom are essential components of my workflow.

I started a RedBubble account to encourage my photo habit and hopefully develop stronger skills in the process. (And meet other talented artists!)

  • Age: 34
  • Joined: May 2009