Hi folks,

I am rather new to photography as a hobby. I have always enjoyed taking pictures, proving to be rather snappy-happy whenever on holiday, but without much purpose… until the last year or so. I purchased a Panasonic Lumix G1 and ’am ever since loving every time I shoot, indeed now looking for reason and purpose to shoot, rather than simply taking the camera along with me on a trip.

In terms of style and aim I am currently really enjoying converting RAW into black and white. I have loved many of the images I have created from this technique so far and hope to continuously improve.

HDR is also something that is exciting me in my new hobby and it has most certainly grasped my attention, although I am not too fussed about the HDR-gone-too-far (in my opinion) style. Although I have fallen victim to it myself; once haloing is a huge part of the image, I tend to lose a little enthusiasm. Also, once an image looks nothing like a photograph and more like a cartoon, for me, the art of HDR has surpassed its function without a great deal of merit. However, I must say, part of the beauty of photography is that if you enjoy it, keep shooting! You like what you like! I hope to improve in this area as the results that can be achieved have blown me away.

Saying all of that that, I must also note that I have a great fondness for macro photography, so I suppose it would be fair to say that I pretty much like anything at all. Indeed, I also love a good landscape shot! As you can see, my new-found excitement for photography has most certainly captured me.
I appreciate feedback, whether positive or negative (we all have to learn) and hope some of you fellow members may in time take it upon yourselves to both enjoy my pictures and offer advice where you see fit (and if there is a sale here and there… great! :)).

Away from photography, I am currently studying for my PhD at York University in the Social Sciences (Sociology/Criminology). I am also a ski nut, as I am sure you will discover upon perusal of my works.

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