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New York, United States

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I am a New Yorker, living in Manhattan, and am completely in love with New York City.

I am a writer, working on my first novel, but photography is a real passion of mine. I never leave the house without my camera. I have never had any formal training in Photography, but cannot imagine not taking pictures. Ever.

I am a point and shoot girl all the way. I use a Panasonic DMC-TZ5 with a Leica lens. I love love love it and prefer point and shoots to DSLR camera’s. I just toss it in my bag and go.

I am what my pictures say I am. With me, what you see is what you get (and then some)… I make NO APOLOGIES for who I am.

Update March 2015…I have been using my first DSLR and I have to admit I kinda love it! I still use my point and shoot and of course Iphone, but I get the appeal. :)

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  • Age: 41
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http://www.redbubble.com/found?utm_campaign=published_to_found&utm_medium=email&utm_source=RB / I am so honored that my photo ‘Walkers’ was chosen and featured for November 4th 2014! / Thank you so much redbubble!!!
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Featured on RB Found Page 9/29

Thank you so much! I am honored!!!
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Showcase Winner on ArtSlant

http://www.artslant.com/la/showcases/showcase?sublist=26%5Ephotography / Here is the link to my winning photograph! / Thank you for your support! :)
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I just won an ArtSlant Competition!!!!

CHECK THIS OUT!!! / Dear Shelly Kay- Spencer: / “Great News! You have been selected as a Winner in the 1st 2013 Showcase competition! / The ArtSlant Curatorial Team is very pleased to welcome you into our special group of winning artists. Showcase Winners have been designated as promising artists by our team of professional art watchers. " / I won the art competition I entered a few da…
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