Hi there – I have been lucky enough to spend many hours underwater, mostly working and later into those hours, I took a camera.

My photos, which I hope have captured the essence of the special times I have spent underwater, have been taken in the Red Sea, Indonesia and the Maldives mainly.

I feel very privileged to have been able to share time and space with these fantastic creatures in their beautiful environment and feel very strongly about preserving these fragile ecosystems.

Unfortunately it cannot be said of all photographers but I feel that there is no photograph worth damaging or stressing any habitat or animal for. Mindfulness and respect are of paramount importance.

I also enjoy photographing land animals and landscapes so again, I will slowly be putting up images of these too…

I am very new to Red Bubble and will be drip feeding my images to the site as I go through them – I am very much enjoying looking at all the fantastic work out there and looking forward to being part of such a great community! Thanks for dropping by!

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