My art is spontaneous, untrained, and full of love for life!
Because of that it is rather random, not sure what we are going to get!
It is a celebration of my discovery of my creativity, and it brings me joy. The true gift in all this process is that I have found it gives other joy as well.
I also write, and have been honoured this year to be included in the redbubble book ’Compassion, courage, and friendship.
Life is an incredible journey, full of wonder, surprise, and dreams realised.

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With gratitude

Dear all , I have not been around as much as lately, and I have to admit that I am missing my paint brush, and the redbubble group. I drop in from time to time, and I am always amazed at the quality, and beauty of the work that is posted on redbubble. / I remember my first tenous steps on to the redbubble platform , and being over awed at the genorisity shown to me when I nervously proclaimed my …
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Thank you so much to the All Out Emotion Group

What a lovely way to start the year, thank you to the All Out Emotion group for featuring my ’Love in the clouds".
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My christmas wishes for you !

Dear all / Many of us waste so much time, waiting for a perfect time to be happy, Christmas is a classic example. We spend so much time , and effort , and money in the effort to create a perfect day. For the so called lucky that is what they will create, for others it will be a day filled with disappointment. Why do you think that is? / Maybe it is is because we are spending so much time on amass…
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Thank you to the all out emotion group for featuring 'Tears are liquid prayers'

Apologies for the delay in thanking you, I am truly honoured by the feature. / Thank you / Shelley
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