Shelby Denton

Shelby Denton

Joined December 2007

I love to make people laugh and have fun. I also like to Draw, Paint, and photograph.
I also use photoshop quite often.

Listening to music is a favorite of mine, I like everything except for country.

I recently went to the DIA Museum in Detroit, and I was amazed at all of the pictures, paintings, statues, even the architectural aspects of the museum stunned me. The was just SO much of it in one place, it’s pretty cool.

Most of my Drawings are on lined paper, not on drawing paper because I don’t bring my drawing tablet to school, it’s to big to carry around. but I do like drawing on lined paper better anyways. so i guess it works out. I call my Drawing “Tribal art” because there very Flowy and abstract, and most of them look like an actual tribal drawing. They are the most fun to draw, so I do draw a lot of them.

I also take pictures of things of animals or people. I just tend to put my photoshoped art on here because I think it looks better then the original.

I look forward to receiving feedback on my work.

I also make videos on YouTube , that I’ve been told are quite funny. Click the link above to go to my profile.

  • Age: 22
  • Joined: December 2007


First Sale

hey i got my first sale / yay!
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Today is Winterfest! I hope it’s fun!
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