Based in Adelaide.

Emerging artist/designer/change agent/grown up.

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Interests include:
Feminism, puns, swearing, live music, cats, queer politics, australian politics, social justice, the union movement, stupid ‘in’ jokes, glitter & activism.

I hope you’re having a really nice day.

  • Age: 23
  • Joined: December 2012


Born at 4.19am

This wasn’t exactly where I intended to go, / but I might have ended up where I needed to be. / This new project is fueled by: / - The want to see more snappy queer/feminist/political shirts that aren’t tacky. / - Gaining exposure or something positive when you google me. / - I need money to buy groceries. / At some point in the future I plan to make some items, where I will donate m…
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