Standing Tall

To All the Treasures I know and All the Treasures I have yet to meet, Greetings from Down Under.
These are my Thoughts
Sir David Attenborough
Why has this man spent his life portraying characters of Nature and been awarded a knighthood in recognition for the work he has done? What is the message he has spent his Life conveying to us?

David Suzuki
What message has this gentle man shared with us in his creative way?

Sir David Bellamy
What is the unique message this man has spent his reputation and Life force portraying?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Quote from the book of Sherlock Holmes(Ones ideas must be as broad as Nature if they are to interpret Nature)

Leonardo da Vici
Why did Leonardo with all his inventions, city living and angelic portraits choose a backdrop of Nature for his Mona Lisa, with all the contraversy & mystery inherited in this image.

All these snippets have a common thread, these people believe in sharing and showing this Planet in a different way and yet all have the same message, We NEED Nature and not just lost in some museum preserving images or models from a different long past age. Is this what we want for Tigers, Elephants, Shells, Birds, to only observe them in Museums. When does it stop. When does the issue become past the point of no return. We now have the intelligence, creativity, technologies to do differently, why do we hesitate? How long do we hesitate? The Davids have spent their LIVES in trying to communicate this message, when do we get it?
When will the World Listen to the message they have bought, it is not rocket science, it is simple – Save it or Lose it, this is the choice
Times are changing slowly everywhere, many are waking to these facts, other than this Planet we have no other home to go to. There is no backup plan, if we mess it we live with it and so will our children – Yours and Mine
I believe in individual choice and I have made mine, to care and share, to do my very best to bring a better future for this Planet for ALL
To the Gentle Men who have given this message I say THANKYOU for what you have done.

Take Care from Down Under

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