OUR Planet

To ALL creative, caring Artistic Hearts who SEE the magic of Nature in Our World. Understanding of the shared Eco word and Environment word have become greatly understood through Your Work. Even the pollies now know and use these words – at last! It is no longer the realm of the sixties and weirdos. We have All come to know Nature with a greater understanding and compassion.

Now comes the hard. Actions following words, this too is happening in so many ways in so may different places and ways, it gladdens the Heart to See.
At some point it comes together to make a bright future We All dream of for Our Children. Bless those who have come before and tried to share the Wonders of this World for us. Perhaps the ears were not ready then.

As I write this I am looking out onto virgin Darwin bush, a wonderful Thunderstorm threatened this morning with dark clouds and strong winds. Now the sky is clear and blue. The Drongo bird babies have left their nest in only 2 weeks to go from egg to flight. I know the Beach is down the road and is always calling to my Heart to visit. The Flowers in my garden are blooming from all the rain we have recently had, I have collected rain water in tubs, so this morning gave them a extra treat of it to drink. The color is amazing. The Plover parents around the park are protecting their babies and teaching them to forage. Whilst looking for Plover images to share I found this imagery and share them with You. Babies

Enough for now but am definately thinking of RB creators and All held within.
Have a GREAT weekend whereever You are in this World.
Darwin NT
Australian Next door Neighbour

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