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Links ~ Can you please help!

Would somebody please jolt my memory on how to create links to RB pages/sites.
I have 2 others (always have) but at some time the links were “broken”. I would love to have viewers of my work to be able to access my other work from this page…
I hope this makes sense ~ thanks so much….

Different Name....Same Me..

Hello My RB Friends.
I Apologise ~ It Seems I May Have Created A Little Confusion In Recent Days By Changing My Name Here.

Sharona Has Now Become Sharon House :o))

I Just Felt The Need For Some Changes ~ Even Small Ones ~ :o))
As Always, I Thank You For Your Wonderful And Encouraging Comments And Ongoing Support.
~ Sharon ~


Over recent weeks I have posted quite a few images and have had many wonderful comments left on these, and I apologise for not having responded iindividually.
Sometimes things crop up in life, and time does not allow us to complete those tasks we know need to be addressed.
I just want everyone who has supported my work to know that I do appreciate each and every comment that is posted…and I say “thankyou so much”.

~ Sharon ~

Featured Works

Thankyou so much to the following groups for the much appreciated features of my work over the past 3 weeks. Many thanks also for the viewings and lovely comments left – and the favs.
They are all truly appreciated….
This will be the last journaling of my features :o))

Art And Photography – She’s A Lady….

  1. Artists Of Redbubble – Lest We Forget….*

Around The World – *A Class Of Its Own Gallery – Lady In The Sky….

High Quality Images – Around The World – Purple Royale

The Power Of Simplicity – Lady Love….

Elegant Rose Cards – The Rose Still Grows….

Around The World – Her Beauty And Her Terror

Featured Work - Between Violet And Crimson

Thankyou so much to the hosts of the group Between Violet And Crimson for the much appreciated feature of my image To Have And To Hold…

To Remind Me To Appreciate All That I Have That Is Precious In Life
And To Hold On To It Tightly….With Both Hands!

Featured Works

Thankyou so much to the hosts of the group Bubblers Weekly Challenge for the feature of my image Found In My Garden….

The Tropical Zone and Australia! You’re Standing In It… for the features
of I’ll Give You A Daisy A Day….

Blooming Trees for the feature of Sweet And Sour

I am very appreciative of the gestures….:o))

Featured Works

Thankyou so much to the hosts of the groups Express Yourself for the much appreciated feature of my image Trust….

and That One Great Shot for the feature of Nina Pretty Ballerina….

I am appreciative of both these gestures – and also thank sincerely those who have viewed my work and left such wonderful comments:o))