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The Power Of Prayer....

Now this is not something I would usually put out as a request on Redbubble ~ but I ask that you may read this ~ and give support through prayer ~ or in any way that is appropriate to your belief.

Most of my friends on RB will be aware that my daughter Debbie who is an Officer (Minister) of the Salvation Army worked as the Manager of a SA Childrens home in the Philippines (named Joyville) for in excess of 6 years.

During her time there she met ~ and married ~ a wonderful Filipino SA Officer named Rod. God truly blessed them with 2 beautiful daughters (one I will meet for the first time in a little over a week)

Debbie and Rod relocated to Australia in March this year with Shaella ~ where Amaya was born in July.

We have travelled to the Philippines ~ and have met Rod’s wonderful family ~ his parents and his siblings and their families ~ beautiful people each of them.

Rod’s family were very fortunate to survive a typhoon that all but destroyed Mindanao last December. It is a part of the Philippines that usually does not experience these, and they were not suitably prepared ~ and many lives were lost.
To them ~ and to us ~ and no doubt to thousands of others, the result, the loss of lives was devastating.

And as I write this there is another Super Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) screaming down not only onto the same region but will no doubt travel a great distance into this country ~ and it is 3 times the strength of last years Sendong.

The lastest update we have read is from a Filipino Salvation Army Officer who in part wrote “Our hope are totally in the hands of the Lord”

It breaks my heart to know, personally, many people who are going to be affected by the typhoon, the great loss of life including babies ~ children.

I just ask that if you have a moment ~ and if you are inclined ~ please spare them a prayer…..

My family wish to travel back to the Philippines next March to take the children to see their other Grandparents and family.

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