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To all my RB friends…..
I am writing to ask that you have understanding of my not acknowledging your lovely comments over recent weeks (and more than likely for upcoming time as well).
I so very much value and appreciate your support ~ and do not wish this to be lost.
As some of you know, I struggle in many ways to overcome residual damage caused by neurosurgery (12 moths ago tomorrow) on a brain aneurysm ~ and photography was (and remains) my most preferred therapy.
And now, just to “top things off” my husband was diagnosed with an aneurysm in the Aorta of his heart and was waiting on admission to hospital ~ and last week (very suddenly) became quite unwell and was taken off to hospital by ambulance, where he suffered a mild heart attack. It seems this is not related to the Aneurysm.
We now await news of him travelling to hospital to undergo open heart surgery to address and repair both his problems.
This has been quite devastating to us as he has for many years had ongoing spinal cord problems, which have majorly disrupted our lives (and peace of mind).
Now I am not a whinger nor a complainer ~ but I do ask that your thoughts or prayers (or whatever brings you peace) be shared into our lives as we continue to “trudge along”…..
I thank you for your friendship and (hopefully) understanding.
I was not going to share such personal information with you ~ but now feel this may be beneficial….

Thank you.

~ Sharon ~

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