• limerick
    limerickover 4 years ago

    :) sorry for your loss. This is pretty cute.

  • Rosalie Dale
    Rosalie Daleover 4 years ago

    Oh no!!! I’d be lost without mine.

  • John Conway
    John Conwayover 4 years ago

    time for a new one Shazz (f/1.4 maybe?)

  • KathyT
    KathyTover 4 years ago

    Sharon, I hardly use mine so if you need one in a hurry you can borrow mine.

  • thanks Kathy. I’ll probably get one today as I need it tomorrow:)

    – Sharon Hammond

  • Barb Leopold
    Barb Leopoldover 4 years ago

    Time to upgrade to the 50mm 1.4 I reckon….. still you gave the nifty a run for it’s money Shaz!!

  • Yep I think so Barb. I got my money’s worth out of it.

    – Sharon Hammond

  • Lance Leopold
    Lance Leopoldover 4 years ago

    At this time of loss,Shaz,it’s hard to stay focused,but i’m sure a f1.4 will dry your eyes nicely!!!

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 4 years ago

    Oh my….sorry for your loss!

  • bazcelt
    bazceltover 4 years ago

    oh Sharon! Condolences. And enjoy replacement! My 18-55 did that about 2 months ago so I know the feeling.

  • LeeoPhotography
    LeeoPhotographyover 4 years ago

    LOL @ what Lance said :) Get the 1.4 Shaz :)

  • robpower
    robpowerover 4 years ago

    I’m sure its gone to the lens heaven in the sky, the little 50s are such a great lens, maybe its 1.4 time :) hope you had a nice xmas

  • Thanks Rob. Hope your xmas was great too. I’m cursed at the moment – everything electronic is stuffed. Could be an expensive January:)

    – Sharon Hammond