Thrilled about artist-of-the-week feature!

Uploaded November 24, 2011
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NOTE: My Artist of the Week feature has been archived on this forum page.


I am absolutely thrilled to have a turn as featured artist of the week in the Theme Thursday–Feature Friday group!

This group has an unusual system for featuring artists. In exchange for participating (which requires only a bit of time and effort), you earn a place in the line-up of artists to have a turn at being the featured artist of the week.

This artist of the week feature includes a total of 8 featured works:
• 6 regular featured works (the whole top line of the 12 group features)
• Image of the week displayed on the group’s home page
• Group Avatar of the week (also displayed on the home page)

You will also receive a permanent forum showing your featured work. You can participate for this featured artist spot repeatedly.

I highly recommend this group to Red Bubble artists. It’s a great way to get exposure for your work.

Thanks so much to TTFF group host Joanne (ellismorleyphto) for taking the time to set up my feature of the week — even though she was not feeling well! Your rock, Joanne!


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