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Lemon Meringue (April 2013)

Buck’s Blue Bottle (February 2013)

Bosc Pears and Apricots for Elaine (January 2013)

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Thanks for buying my card!

It’s a miracle! I just sold my Atheist Greeting Card! / Sincere thanks to the buyer. Wishing you a good winter and a happy new year! / Shani
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Why I Am Designing Atheist Greeting Cards

Uploaded December 1, 2011 • As of December 19, 2011: 144 views • 5 favourites • 1 feature / FEATURE: The World As We See It / ——————————————————————————————————— / This is a great time of year to send greetings. Red Bubble and other places offer a huge selection of Christmas cards. There are many Hannukah cards as well. But for those who want to spread the love, yet do not identify with re…
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Thrilled about artist-of-the-week feature!

Uploaded November 24, 2011 / As of December 4, 2011: 27 views • 1 favourite / NOTE: My Artist of the Week feature has been archived on this forum page. / ———————————————————————————— / I am absolutely thrilled to have a turn as featured artist of the week in the Theme Thursday–Feature Friday group! / This group has an unusual system for featuring artists. In exchange for participating (which re…
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Marking the 10th anniversary of being published

Uploaded October 2011 • As of December 5, 2011: 34 views / I used to write. I started a number of short stories but I managed to finish only one. It was published in the Winter 2001–2002 issue of Lilith Magazine (a Jewish Feminist publication). To mark the 10th anniversary of my one claim to fame as a published author, I thought I’d share the story on Red Bubble. / About the story . . . /…
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