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John Dewar

John Dewar

Kirkwall, United Kingdom

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HELLO, and I’ll tell you what – I’ve only been here in this mad, fantastic, talent-burgeoned utopia for a few days and already my eyes are spinning round in my head like a fruit machine. What an absolute Catherine Wheel – no, a whole firework display – of talent there is, and so, so many superb and goodly folks ready to chip in with a magnificent remark and a handy pointer. In saying hello I thank you all.

The only trouble is – and it is a trouble, I fear – is that it all seems a bit addictive. Is this fever of intoxication normal or am I unusually troubled? Already I find myself twitching and wondering what’s going on in here when I’m away. Sometimes in those dark hours I feel tense – headachy even – as if suffering some bizarre withdrawal syndrome where demons forbid me rest and my bed is full of sand. Is there a remedy for this – some easy potion I could sip; a tablet of some kind perhaps – or am I bound to suffer from Bubble-itus for the next ninety-nine years, eleven months and twenty nine days? Someone please help.

I worry because, really, I should be out there with a camera stuck to my face in a quest to add some more tiny sparkles to the galaxy of wonder herein. And yet suddenly I am lashed here, to my chair, as if willingly… Already my typing finger is reduced to a mush in trying to thank everybody who has so kindly sent me comments and mails thus far, and already my eyes hurt from the addictive starburst of wonder exploding from every corner of a world made luminous. If you don’t hear from me again you will know I have simply been vaporised by it all.

In the meantime – just before that happens – I shall try to quietly add some more tiny sparkles from the back-catalogue of my own small corner. Then, and only then, I shall go out with my camera and try to gather some more. Is this normal?

Thank you all again, and goodnight – for now



  • Don Alexander Lumsden (Echo7)
    Don Alexander ...over 3 years ago

    Lol its most certainly an addictive place. The talent on show is fantastic. Endless amounts of excellence in all different genres.

    Will certainly look forward to more works from you John.

    If it makes you smile then why not hey =D

  • Thanks Don – and thanks for your very kind help backstage. Will try to digest that with a fresh cup of tea. Ace! J

    – John Dewar

  • mellychan
    mellychanover 3 years ago

    i think it might be normal, but it should settle down soon ;) love your work! and welcome!

  • Aw thanks Melly, that felt very theraputic. I feel calm now.

    – John Dewar

  • Carrie Potter
    Carrie Potterover 3 years ago

    Yes, its like biting into chocolate for the first time in your life! it’s addictive at first, you eventually learn self control, but u never stop loving it. Enjoy!

  • Thanks Carrie but I have little control over chocolate. Now, would someone please pass some more chocolate before anyone gets hurt! (Just realised – I have never actually hurt anyone for chocolate so I must have learned some self control somewhere – yeah, I should be fine!)

    – John Dewar

  • Karl Williams
    Karl Williamsover 3 years ago

    It’s only addictive if you let it become addictive, John .. and you strike me as a bloke that has far too much common sense for that!

  • Some days I’ve got as much sense as a fizzy drink but I shall try to be strong, Karl!

    – John Dewar

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    John, what you are experiencing is completely normal.

    Its called the REDBUBBLE ADDICTION.

    Most of us have it to one extent or another. I have been here 3 and a bit years, and it is still an activity that takes a couple of hours out of every day…. sometimes more.

  • That concerns me Byron – have you taken anything for it?!

    – John Dewar

  • DebbieCHayes
    DebbieCHayesover 3 years ago

    It can become addicting at times but there are some really wonderful people on here. Not only is there fantastic talent, but there are some truly caring people. I found this out over the last few weeks when I found out that my favorite 6 year old orange tabby was dying of kidney failure. There were several people checking on us daily and trying to help keep my spirits up. I received so many nice messages and photo comments when my little Opie passed 6-22-11. I hope you come to meet some of these wonderful people as well.

  • Thank you Debbie – very reassuring and I already have the feeling that you’re right about that. I’m sorry to hear about Opie (some wonderful pictures you have as memeories) – it seems to be the same trouble with all animals who are close – they never quite live long enough…

    – John Dewar

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    No John, I have taken nothing for it… I am a happy junkie!

  • bushpoet
    bushpoetover 3 years ago

    Welcome aboard John and yes it can be addictive, LOL! You learn pretty quickly to manage your time, so that you can have a life away from the computer screen! ;) Anyway it is great to meet you, thanks for visiting my little spot on the bub as it has allowed me to find your fantastic portfolio! Can’t wait to look through some more, all the best!

  • Thank you Simone, my eyes hurt now but there’s still time to have just one more look at your SUPERB PORTFOLIO!!

    – John Dewar

  • Kasia-D
    Kasia-Dover 3 years ago

    Welcome to RB – yes, it can be addictive:-) but fun too. Kasia

  • Kasia-D
    Kasia-Dover 3 years ago

    PS: Just visited your photography website. Wonderful inspiring work! Kasia

  • Kasia – that is so kind of you to take the time to look and comment. Much appreciated and thank you, John

    – John Dewar