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The 1st part of a Sci-Fi series....Shattered Space

Shattered Innocence

Yamato Prime
Imperial City
IJN Home World
Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere

People waved as the final countdown draws to a close. Lying out on the sun is ten of the biggest class of capital ships ever constructed by the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere as they prepared for final lift off. The ten Yamato Class Super Battleships started their engine ignition, Impulse engines and thrusters roared to life, lined up in pairs are the following ships surrounded by the family and friends of the ship’s crew members. The front two ships are occupied by the IJN Yamato and IJN Aoba, the other eight super battleships are as followed, the IJN Musashi, IJN Heian, IJN Meiji, IJN Taira, IJN Miyamoto, IJN Hojo, IJN Mori, and finally the IJN Tsushima.
“Lift off in ten seconds,” the announcement blared over the loud speaker, “All spectators please remain in your area until the ships have finally cleared the shipyard.”
As the final seconds passed the ten gigantic ships lifted off the ground and slowly sailed through the clear blue skies of Yamato Prime, headed out to space for their maiden voyage in the service of their civilization.
Aboard the IJN Yamato’s command bridge, there sat a man in his early thirties, gazing his eyes onto his console he breathe in before giving his next orders.
“Helm, impulse thrusters on low and prepare to enter planetary orbit.”
“Aye Captain,” replied the helmsman.
Captain Nobu Kodai nodded his head in approval as his order is carried out. From this day forth the responsibilities of the IJN Yamato falls upon his shoulders. For Nobu Kodai, it is an honor to command the pride and might of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere civilization, his people, his kinsman, and his sense of belonging.
Five decades have passed since the historic event, where people of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere founded their new home world of Yamato Prime. To enable survival from harsh environments that can be expected to be found from far off solar-systems, the colonist have altered their bodies and from normal unaltered humans they have integrated their beings and existence between man and cybernetic-machine, creating themselves into a cyborg race. Colonization took over five years as the original seven colony ships trek among the stars in search of suitable Earth like planet, after the long odyssey the people of the colonization ships finally found the suitable planet they long sought after and hence started the colonization of the planet. After the colonization and founding of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere, scientist, developers, and intellectuals are pressed hard at work for their people’s return to the stars. The leading family who took the people under their care and founded this new civilization was made the Imperial Clan; they oversee the development of their civilization and respected the people’s wishes through representation of an elected council known as the Di’et. It only took two years before probes were finally launched off the planet’s orbit and began the exploration of the solar-system. In respect of their civilization and home world, their solar-system was hence been named Yamato Sol .Twenty years passed and a whole generation have grown into adulthood, a leap in technological advancement allowed manned travel into space, new engines allowed safe travel for inter-planetary travel. New chassis for space travel was developed, shuttles known as Inter-Planetary Cutters, Corvettes, and Frigates were the first to be researched and completed along with the Warp Star Drive that is fitted into their engines. The warp star drive allowed a star craft to travel beyond the speed of light by surrounding the craft with a warp bubble that contract space beyond the craft and expand the space at the craft’s aft. Then asteroid mining as a business boomed. Cutters equipped with inter-stellar and short warp for travel within the solar system without using the thrusters capable engines, mining lasers, and large load capacity were created. Brave crews manned such mining ships and headed towards the unknown territories. After each load of minerals mined from distant asteroids, the mining ships returned to Yamato Prime. Tales of space travel and unknown languages heard from the communication system confirmed that humanity or human-cyborgs is not alone in the universe.
While such tales are told by crew members of mining vessels, the primary communication center within the Imperial City of Yamato Prime also started to receive such transmission from unknown origins. The Emperor, the Imperial Clan, and the Di’et have concluded that such unknown extra-terrestrials cannot be determined to be neither friendly nor hostile. Hence the Imperial Defense Force or simply known as the IDF is born, the government of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere ordered the first warships to be created from the Frigate Chassis, two Class of Combat Ships was was founded and became the forerunner for famous small fighting ships known as the Yukikaze Class Frigate and the Galactic Zero-Zen Class Multi-Role Space and Atmospheric Superiority Fighter. At the same moment all intellectuals have been pressed for new technology advancement along with the search for new colonies within the solar-system of Yamato Sol. Within a year more technological advancement led to the colonization of four nearby planets within the home system, two other planets are also colonized at an adjacent star system known as the Meiji System, and three more colonies are founded at another adjacent star system known as the Hachiman System. These ten systems became the home planets of Yamato Civilization.
The planets inhabited by the people of the Yamato are:
Yamato Sol Star System:
• Yamato Prime, Home World
• Kure
• Ejima
• Shikaku
• Taira
Meiji Sol Star System:
• Meiji
• Kyoto
Hachiman Star System:
• Hachiman Asteroid
• Mori
• Hojo
Then a few years ago the intellectuals of Yamato Prime finished the development of new types of weaponry, besides the lasers and plasmas, projectiles are added into the arsenal of the Imperial Defense Force. Protective shields have supplemented armors, more damaging lasers, plasmas, along with the new projectiles added into the arsenal of defense, then new far reaching and efficient engines was developed allowing the development and creation bigger more deadlier capital ships. Smaller ships were created as the multi-purpose workhorse of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere. But as a warship, such small fighting space vessels are classed into the Meiji Heavy Cruisers also known as Battle Cruisers which carries four Galactic Zero-Zen fighters and the Akagi Space Carrier having the capability of housing sixty Galactic-Zero-Zen fighters, simply known as Zeros.
The capital ships were perfected and another two classes of ships were created, they were the Shinano Fleet Carrier Class or simply known as the Shinano which is able to house four hundred Zeros into the holding bay. The other class warship that also began to become the workhorse of the Yamato Civilization is the awesome Yamato Class Battleship capable of carrying forty Zeros and armed with the most deadly weaponry ever developed by the scientist of the Yamato.
For the last fifty years no other sentient race have yet made contact with the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere, however such contact will be inevitable to be ready for both diplomatic relations in the inter-stellar level and to defend the five worlds inhabited by the civilization of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere, the members of the IDF along with the population of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere are taught to be open minded and not to view any sentient races outside of Yamato Sol to be hostile, human in origin or extra-terrestrials. For the people of this great civilization, their innocence will soon be shattered. The universe itself will turn their existence upside down. But there is hope for the future and it lies in the capable hands of the captains of the Imperial Defense Force.

IJN Aoba
Command Bridge
Orbit of Yamato Prime
Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere

The gigantic ship slowed as its impulse engines lower their setting, IJN Aoba majestically held its position alongside its sister ship the IJN Yamato.
“Helm, hold your position,” Captain Koji Saburo commanded.
Captain Koji Saburo calmly gazed around his environment, using his cybernetic connection with the ship’s computer. He immersed himself in holographic imaging matrix projection which showed him the ascending eight great battleships and the space beyond Yamato Sol.
“Aye Captain,” responded the great battleship’s helmsman
Eight other Yamato Class ships came up alongside the two waiting gigantic battleships, as the ten gargantuan capital ships held orbit, the sun glistens and shone the mighty silhouettes of the pride and power of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere manifested through the great ten Yamato Class warships. The Captain of IJN Aoba detached himself from the ship’s computer connection. He then turned his head towards his communication officer.
“Lt. Commander Genda, open the channel to IDF Command,” he said to his communication officer, “let them know that the Yamato Task Force is in orbit and waiting for commencement of exercises.”
“Aye Captain,” replied the Communication Officer.
A decade ago Captain Koji Saburo commanded a Yukikaze Class Frigate. None but the high command and a few other flag officers knew what he have accomplished during his younger years. A probe was detected outside Yamato Sol and approaching the solar-system. Immediately he commanded a flight of four Yukikaze Class Frigates to intercept, at first Koji Saburo noticed that the probe is nearly out of fuel, as a gesture of friendship he replenished the probe’s hydrogen cell. Afterwards, the probe opened fire with a devastating effect. Two of the frigates were destroyed within a few blast, Koji Saburo ordered his remaining ships to concentrate fire, launch their four Zeros in their flight bays, and commence evasive maneuvers. Half of both ship’s hull were nearing collapse but the tactic was effective and the probe was destroyed. A cutter chassis equipped with salvaging tools were dispatched to collect the remnants of the probe and the destroyed frigates. It is from such specimen that allowed the advancement of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere’s technology. But in Koji Saburo’s eyes, he will never forget the power of what these alien sentient beings possessed and the type of technology that they have in their disposal. It was a scary thought and has awakened him from his reverie that the universe can be full of reasonable sentient beings. Like humanity, he have learned that some races can be opportunistic and miscreants.
“Order to the Task Force, join up with other Mikasa Class Heavy Cruisers and from there wait for further instructions,” Admiral Togo Tanaka said over the visual communication system, “Each Yamato Class will be given through encrypted transmission which ships to rendezvous with and from there commence exercise.”
“Aye Admiral Tanaka,” replied each of the Yamato Class battleship captains.
Captain Koji Saburo stood up from his command chair and walked towards his Communication Officer’s station.
“Lt. Commander Ishi Genda what ships will be to rendezvous with us and where?”
“Captain, it will be here in fifteen minutes and the ships are the IJN Naginata, IJN Katana, and the IJN Noidachi.”
The Lieutenant Commander handed his ship Captain a printed transmission of Admiral Tanaka’s message for the IJN Aoba. Captain Koji Saburo carefully read the message in kanji.
“Sir, it looks like we will be the first IDF ships to leave Yamato Space,” commented Lt. Commander Ishi Genda
Captain Koji Saburo tapped his Communication Officer’s shoulder and smiled. He is not surprised that such a mission is bestowed upon him but such a mission will only and can only be underway after the exercises are commenced and completed satisfactory.
“In due time Lieutenant Commander Genda. But first we must conduct the exercises to know if our ship is space worthy for travel and to carry out our duties for our empire and our people.”
“Of course Captain Saburo,” Ishi Genda, the Lieutenant Commander and Communication Officer responded.

IJN Yamato
Command Bridge
Underway towards Edo
Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere

After Captain Nobu Kodai received his encrypted orders, he immediately ordered his helmsman to leave orbit and headed towards their rendezvous point at the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere Colony Planet of Shikaku.
“Communication Officer, what ships are we to expect that will rendezvous with us?”
Captain Nobu Kodai’s question propelled the ship’s communication officer to quickly gather her latest information from the last transmission before she can reply.
“Sir, we are to expect the IJN Ise, IJN Yokusuka, and the IJN Saesebo to join us in Shikaku.”
Nobu Kodai, captain of the IJN Yamato nodded at his Communication Officer’s reply. At times he could not figure out why the niece of Admiral Togo Tanaka has been assigned as his Communication Officer. Lieutenant Commander Misa Kasama is your typical military brat but, instead of joining the Ground Defense Force also known as the GDF she opted for the Star Defense Force better known throughout the IDF as the SDF. The ship is new and from what he have figured from IDF Command it is either him or Captain Koji Saburo who will be sent off to far off systems for diplomatic, exploratory, and military missions. Perhaps she wanted adventure like most of the crewmembers of the IJN Yamato. One thing is for certain…she cannot expect any special treatment from Captain Nobu Kodai just because Lieutenant Commander Misa Kasama is the niece of Admiral Togo Tanaka. The Captain of the IJN Yamato expects her to earn her place and station just like the rest of the members of the IDF.

“Helmsman, what is our ETA from Edo?”
“Captain we are due to arrive with our current speed utilizing our fusion engine thrusters, within thirty minutes sir,” replied the helmsman.
Captain Nobu Kodai stood up from his command chair and walked towards the exit of the command bridge.
“I will be in my ready room,” the Captain informed his bridge crew, “Commander Hiro Nishima, you have the bridge.”
“Aye Captain,” replied IJN Yamato’s second in command, “I have the bridge,”
As the Yamato’s Captain exited the command bridge, Commander Hiro Nishima stepped towards the command chair and took place the captain’s station as commander of the bridge and the entire gigantic battleship.
Nobu opened the door leading to his ready room, slumped into the chair, fished out a cigarette, and flicks his ancient lighter. NobuKodai then started inhaling the acrid smoke, letting the nicotine circulate his lungs and body, and then exhaling the used smoke. Closing his eyes, he allowed himself to be taken back in time. To the time before the founding of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere and his life before becoming among the first generation colonist of Yamato Prime.
For the last five days every Yamato Class super battleships conducted their field test, each of the test denotes if the ship is space worthy, and if there are malfunctions in the new ship’s systems. Thus far none was found and every super battleships of the Imperial Defense Force is performing their task as anticipated and as designed to conduct. Aboard the IJN Aoba Captain Koji Saburo prepares the ship and its crew for weapons and battle simulation exercises.
“Gunnery Officer and crew all of you must be vigilant in this exercise,” Koji told the gunners of his ship’s weapon systems.
“Roger Captain, we won’t fail you sir,” replied the gunnery team’s commander.
Captain Koji Saburo initiated the integrated enhance imaging system of the ship, locking interface entered through a pair of small ports at the back of the ship captain’s neck. Data started to feed and relay off his visual optometric gyro within his eyes and thus the ship and the captain became one. What the ship sees, Captain Koji Saburo sees, it is the perfect assimilation of man and machine, and this is what makes the Civilization of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere unique, the ability to be one with their technology.
“Ship sensor officers and radar team, place our sensors on maximum scan.”
“Aye Captain,” the radar team bellowed out their reply.
From a far and beyond maximum scan range, a swarm of drones darted towards the lone super battleship in space. Within a few seconds the first wave came into view, then the second, and third, finally there is five waves of drones headed towards the IJN Aoba.
Helm, turn 25 degrees to the port side,” ordered Captain Saburo.
“Twenty-Five degrees to port aye Captain.”
The helmsman immediately maneuvered the massive space super battleship and steadied their course.
“Gunnery team, turn all guns to bare 90 degrees starboard side.”
“All main guns ninety degrees to starboard aye Captain,” replied the Gunnery Officer.
Five bow turrets holding three massive Imperial Dragon Cannon Ion matter/anti-matter energy barrel, focus and turn each of the three long barrels to the right side of the ship, from the bow to the stern the remaining three turrets with three massive barrels of the same laser-blaster cannon type bare their aim to the right side of the ship. Located at the bow of the ship’s superstructure is a smaller caliber four barrel turret as part of the primary weapons of the Yamato Class Battleship.
“Secondary guns turning ninety degrees to starboard,” informed the secondary Gunner’s Mate.
Behind the last of the bow turret and in front of the ship’s superstructure, a cylindrical turret holding a pair of barrels turned to the right side of the ship. On the right side of the super battleship and parallel to the superstructure of the ship, three identical cylindrical turrets housing a pair of shorter barrels turned to the right side. This secondary weapon is the Master Kannon also known as the Master-K Cannon, a Mass Driver Cannon, capable of hurling projectile warheads farther than anything that was ever conceived in Yamato Prime.
“Acquiring targets, lock onto the first wave, and prepare to fire the first salvo.”
The Gunnery Team calculated their weapon’s trajectory along with their target’s trajectory. Without the aid of the interface, such calculations will take minutes to complete, but with advance technology having been achieved, such calculations are only milliseconds to complete.
“Targets locked and all weapons are ready to fire Captain,” reported the Gunnery Officer.
“All guns open fire!”
“All guns open fire aye Captain.”
Eighteen massive barrels from six turrets released their energy of death and at the same moment eight shorter barrels from four cylindrical turrets propelled their projectile across space towards their target.
“Our weapons will impact within ten seconds Captain,” informed the Gunnery Officer.
From the view of the enhance imagery system, Koji Saburo watched and tracked the progress of his ship’s weapon’s discharged.
“Helm, 25 degrees to starboard and gunnery team lock on the enemy’s second wave.”
“Aye Captain,” replied both the helmsman and Gunnery Officer.
The IJN Aoba turned slightly to the right, while the main guns and secondary weapons readjust their aim. At that moment a flash of light illuminated from the distance, the first wave of drones was vaporized or blown to pieces as the energy and projectiles found their target. Captain Koji Saburo let out a satisfied smile as the first wave of drones have been obliterated.
“Target acquired Captain. We are waiting for your order to fire the guns, sir.”
The Aoba’s captain calculated his weapon’s trajectory and the second wave of drones. Satisfied at what he has observed he gave the order to fire.
“Weapons are firing sir,” informed the Gunnery Officer.
Once again the super battleship’s awesome firepower obliterated the second wave of drones. Captain Koji Saburo guided his titanic super battleship in turning maneuvers, bearing his ship’s weapon to their utmost advantage, and firing them. Time and time again, each salvo has hit their mark with fine precision. Soon all five waves of drones were destroyed with ease and the IJN Aoba passed the weapon’s exercise with high remarks.
“Helm, set course for Yamato Prime’s IDF Space Port, we are having a forty-eight hour liberty,” Captain Koji Saburo informed his helmsman.
“Very good Captain and to Yamato Prime we go,”
The silhouette of the ship’s massive structure twinkled while the sun basked its ray over the defender of the Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere as the gigantic titan headed towards the home world of Yamato Prime.

IJN Yamato
Command Bridge
Orbit of Shikaku
Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere

A few hours passed since the ship have passed all the required exercises, the first batch of the crew is about to board the six shuttles that is part of the ship’s massive complement and are about to enjoy their leave on the planet’s surface. The internal speaker of the ship sounded with a naval whistle gaining the attention of the crew.
“Crew members of the IJN Yamato, this is the captain speaking. I apologize that our scheduled liberty has been postponed. Our ship has been tasked on an immediate mission outside of our solar-system. We have an hour to depart. All crew to their station. I repeat again, all crew to their station.
The crew of the IJN Yamato rushed towards their quarters to drop off their personal property and then their off to their station ready to face the unknown.
‘Our solitude in this universe is over ladies and gentlemen. The reality of this universe will soon be at hand and our innocence as a civilization is now shattered.’
Captain Nobu Kodai shook himself out of his thoughts and refocuses his effort at the task at hand. Once again in his long existence, he may be dancing with death.

The 1st part of a Sci-Fi series....Shattered Space


Long Beach, United States

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A new Sci-Fi series….Shattered Space.

Mankind’s dream of reaching far out into the cosmos and settle unknown planets have come into full realization. The challenge of a newly established civilization rest upon the entire population as the people of Imperial Jade Neo-Sphere will learn.

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