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Evony Online MMO Game Review

Evony Forever Online Medieval Strategy Game Review
By Elvin Evangelista

For nearly a year now I have been playing this massive player online game in the internet. It is a game of strategy, cunning, patience, trust, team work, and above else perseverance. This game can be found online by typing this on the URL field: www.evony.com here one can build a small town at first, where it is gradually upgraded to a larger fortified town, a castle, and finally a level 10 city fortress. At the player’s disposal amassed thousands of Swordsmen, Spearmen, Archers, Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry known as the Cataphracts covered in armor head to toe including the war horse, Ballista, Catapults, and many more. Great heroes lead such glorious armies either to the glory of victory or the tragedy of defeat, with experience these heroes can be upgraded through multiple levels and skills of politics, attack, and intelligence. Each of these unique skills are vital for the survival of your city! To defend your fortified population center, defenses such as archer’s towers, rolling logs, trebuchets, and the likes have to be built along the walls which are in turn upgraded to hold many more spaces for such wicked defenses. But resources must be gathered and produced before buildings, military units, and defenses can be built. How that can be done is to build farms, logging establishments, queries for stones, and iron mines. My account name in this MMO is Shaider, I have risen through the rank of general and is a Furstin, this meant I can occupy or build up to nine population centers!

So how does the game catch your interest? I for one is an enthusiast of the medieval world, a world where chivalry roam supreme and massive armies prove their worth for their worthy lords. As one of these lords or ladies, you are entrusted the survival of your realm, this realm can occupy just one population center or through advancement of promotion in the game the capability to hold and be entrusted multiple population centers are possible. But above all, it is a game that one cannot truly be defeated since the last castle can never be conquered by adversaries.

Intrigue and diplomacy also plays a major role in this game, combined with strategy, and sheer firepower one can dominate their enemies as they are humbled crawling to your feet begging for forgiveness. To survive and gain support of allies one is encourage to join an alliance, together and united an alliance is strong, and as an individual in an ocean of medieval warfare it is unwise to stand alone. One of the best strategy I have known to work is very simple and easy once everything is place, to gain extra resources, raid level 5 and above NPC (Non-Playing Character) Towns and/or weak neighbors if you are not bothered by it. Go to the map icon, right click a NPC Town and right click the attack button. Send 500 ballista and 300-400 transporters to transport the loot on a level 5 NPC Town, by doing so I can guarantee that you will not sustain any losses or lose a minimum amount of ballista.

How do you defeat the other players in the game? One quick counter I can advice is very simple, many players uses archers! How do you destroy many archers with a few units? Use Cataphracts! At the least one cataphract can kill three archers! You will encounter players employing 90,000 archers to attack you, if they do that send in a minimum of 35,000 cataphracts and they will be destroyed! Though a cataphract is an expensive unit to build, but they are worth every resource you put into them. Finally, launch an attack against enemy players using ballista units! Imagine you are besieging a level 10 Fortress of your most hated foe with 50,000 ballista units, what an awesome sight to see and read how his defenses were obliterated by your sheer might. To punish my enemies I keep attacking them once their defenses are destroyed, keep attacking until their loyalty drops below 30 and they will start to message you in the game begging for such an attack to cease. The worst thing your enemy can do is abandoned the population center and turning it into a NPC Town!

Word of advice on how to obtain population centers, conquer either NPC Towns or upgrade newly built towns and create more stress for you. The beauty conquering an established town is that the act of conquering removes stress of babysitting newly founded towns and hope it will not be attacked. Not to mention your nearest enemy is your source of new towns. Once a lord is promoted, more population centers can be built or occupied. Be wise with this decision and be sure that your entire population centers as a gamer is supported by allies or other population centers belonging to you in case of hostility.
Come and check out the game at www.evony.com where you are the lord or lady of your own realm. Experience the intrigue, diplomacy, and the rush of strategic combat as your wits are pitted against others. Do you have what it takes to survive in a world of chivalry and medieval warfare?

About the author, Elvin Evangelista first published his novel ‘Imperial Ace Chronicles Book 1 the Warriors’ under his pen name TRIAX in 2007 through Publish America. His second book ‘Mercenary Blood Desert Lions’ was published in March 2010 also under his pen name and through the same publisher. Currently he is working on a Fantasy Medieval Novel to be published in the very near future. To check out the books he have written visit www.publishamerica.com and search TRIAX on the site. Support for the author’s written work is truly appreciated, thank you in advance.

Evony Online MMO Game Review


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Review of a MMO game online known as evony. This game can be visited at www.evony.com enjoy your experience that I have experienced in this game!

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