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Hi and welcome to my world of art. Becoming an artist, if I can have the audacity to call myself one, has been a journey of self discovery and realization for me. After having dabbled in different fields, be it fashion design or teaching, I realized that nothing, no matter how creative, gave me the kind of satisfaction and feeling of self accomplishment as painting did. Painting is a very integral part of me and I’ve found a tremendous amount of joy within me ever since I started to nourish the artist in me. So this blog is all about the journey of discovering the artist within me. I hope you find this journey as colourful and gratifying as I did.

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Discovering The Artist Within

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Artist of the week Janis Zroback is featured. Have a look at her works….

Loosening up your style

Art for a cause

Here I share tips about growing as a painter, developing your own style and using your art for a cause. It’s still in the intial stage right now, but I will be posting regularly, so be sure to subscribe.

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Hope you enjoy what you see!

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