Since centuries, an island called “Easter island” remains a huge archaeological mystery, lost in Pacific Ocean, halfway between Tahiti and Santiago (Chile). Huge strange statues face the sunshine in that land full of loneliness.

Those gigantic statues called MOAI can reach up to 65 feets high. We estimated about 600 statues still visible. Oldest of them should have been build between 500 to 800 A.D.

The most fascinating is that even local people have forgotten any memory about signification of those huge stone faces last trace of an antic civilization in Pacific Ocean.

Legend says that those erected statues are the symbol of protection. This is why they are facing the land and not the sea, and why they are village oriented. Indeed, each MOAI was in charge to protect what it was seeing, including the village and its inhabitants.

Using Bryce,Poser,Photoshop


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  • TheBrit
    TheBrit10 months ago

    Very interesting work Irene , masterfully created !!

  • thanks very much Brit for the great compliment on this

    – shadowlea

  • floatingpilot
    floatingpilot10 months ago

    Wonderful work again! I really like your kind of imagination!!
    I think we all need at least a bit of protection when we want to reach out for … whatever we want.

  • appreciate your thoughts floatingpilot, (love your name btw) an interesting interpretation on this one

    – shadowlea

  • charliethetramp
    charliethetramp10 months ago

    easter island fascinating,i saw a documentary that put forward a theory that they were symbols of ancestor worshipwhich i guess is a form of protection,the past spirits protecting the present ones ,but sadly the process of erecting and moving the stones eventually destroyed their civilisation because they cut down all the trees to move the stones which destroyed the eco system that sustained their culture,……..but definitely haunting images of a forgotten wonderfully incorporated into your work

  • have meant to do something on this ages ago, very intriguing these as most reading I have done on it, seems to lean towards the protection theme, but sometimes what seems obvious at first study could very well be something else…..not sure if we ever will really know….the lack of trees is fascinating, to think that all trees would be cut down seems really bizarre for whatever reason…it is one amazing mystery….Enjoyed your thoughts on this, Charlie thanks very much

    – shadowlea

  • charliethetramp
    charliethetramp10 months ago

    should read haunting images of a forgotten civilsation.

  • sounds like a like a great title, and will probably use it in the future as I do a few on the ancient thanks heaps Charlie for the inspiring idea;;;;will leave this one as is, as I did it for a friend who insisted on this name… for their own reasons for their work….

    – shadowlea

  • charliethetramp
    charliethetramp10 months ago

    haha no i was correcting a typpo error on my comment not suggesting a name but your welcome
    for some reason when i listen to the music from the description page then click to make a comment a small black oblong appears and i can`t see everything i`ve wriiten so i can`t check for typpo errors

  • no worries Charlie, you did give me some ideas which I hope to implement later so thanks again

    – shadowlea

  • Kanages Ramesh
    Kanages Ramesh10 months ago

    Your EXPRESSIVE Image & Writing is DISPLAYED Here

  • thank you very much Ramesh, appreciate the honour

    – shadowlea

  • autumnwind
    autumnwind10 months ago

    Fascinating and intriguing subject matter to go with an extraordinary work of art!! Amazing, wow!
    Warm hugs, shar xoxoxoxxoxo

  • thank you autumnwind appreciate your thoughts and great compliment on this

    – shadowlea

  • LoneAngel
    LoneAngel10 months ago

    pure magic !!!!!

  • very much appreciated, thanks LoneAngel

    – shadowlea

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesor10 months ago

    Outstanding Irene!! :)

  • thank you very much Keith

    – shadowlea

  • Donna19
    Donna1910 months ago

    What an interesting description and image Lea. I enjoy knowledge, thank you for sharing.

  • many thanks Donna, appreciate your view

    – shadowlea

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