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Midnight Quest of the Lone Spirit

From my perch, sheltered amongst the / evergreen gods overlooking the cliffs, / I hear the mountain breathe.
Angel of Inspiration by ShadowDancer i can't even look... by ShadowDancer

silent witness

when i hear those / sighs and / unguarded moans / i am coated, drunk, / intoxicated


she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare

Journey of Forgotten Flesh

You left in a storm and left me alone / to nurse myself back to health / amongst the shattered earth / and slices of forgotten flesh.
the attic window, where the leaves still dance to their favorite song by ShadowDancer he said he would color the day orange, in remembrance of her by ShadowDancer

this moment

I am reminded / that my life is here, whispering

Stealth Autumn

Today / it rained / and washed the summer away;

sweet sounds (haiku)

children’s laughter floats / like hot breath on a cold morn / lingering softly

A Victim’s Retort

I wish your words had burnt your tongue / and filled your disparaging mouth with blood, / so all that issued forth was strangled sounds / a…

everything happens for the best

the first of their band of brothers / to float dryly in their dance of death


I met him long ago / needing someone / to dream of when bored


So, I did, / and how! / And how / it broiled my lips.

Orchestrated Kiss (in A Major)

have I ever told you / when you pull / a single note / out of the air / …………..

Tear It Out – #4

It’s the only time he feels free. The wind blows his long sandy hair out of his grey eyes as he glides home.
Echoes of a Song by ShadowDancer remembering a simple time by ShadowDancer


longing, / soft as a holy lake / caught unaware / in the hidden fold / of a virgin mountain?


as i / stepped up off the bus / a welter of faces and raindrops / arose like mist

The Lingerer

The ghost of him remains / like perfume on my pillow


you plow me under with your words


Thoughts of you are tiny imps / whispering in my ear, / endlessly / ceaselessly / tirelessly.

Art of Flesh

He paints pictures / with his mouth

Tear It Out – #3

He examines the picture. It is the composite of half of a face. The eye is the focus, large and dark. But instead of an iris, inside is the…

photo boxes and red leather shoes

your entire life / reduced down to small flashes / kept in a box

Kiss of the Moons Blanket

last night’s sky covered my lips / with his


It had been missing for some time / a piece of me / so slight I had overlooked it for quite a while

is it the same?

how do we know
paradise for my thirsting tongue by ShadowDancer

boiling point

I cast off and let myself go / swimming in the currents / of the ocean you sent me to

Don’t tell me lies

But you, with your heart on your sleeve / and a child in your eyes,


fresh from a pulsing vein i / will spill myself out in small / painful drops that drain my / soul
i can still taste the blue water on my lips where i last saw you by ShadowDancer

The Redwood and the Rain Goddess

But when will you understand, / my Forest Sovereign, / that they are crying because / you drink me in / but then send me on my way?

Multiple Orgasm Wings

we met under the sunburst at building 116, where our encounter promised citrus-coated laughter by ShadowDancer


when a sigh escapes / those peach flavored lips
Butterscotch coated sunset by ShadowDancer


I loved it as a girl, / it was a game / to get this feeling
our father who art in heaven by ShadowDancer


Then the tears begin to fall. / One by one they hit the ground and are / collected, liquidated memories of what / was and what never came t…


but it continues to grow colder / as we / come apart at more than mere / fingers

Dear Snow

my brain cells freeze / my body shivers

Tear It Out – #2

They were the same brown eyes, full of the world, just heavier from experiencing more years.

she sings of dancing rainbows and sleeping butter…

And then she begins to sing. / Songs of dreams and lullabies filled the room… stories of singing rainbows and sleeping butterflies flutter …


I was thinking about / your description of his hands, / perfect yet flawed, / and how, in moving, / they recall a sense of / a flock of bi…


The path / to your subconcious mind / was layered in black on black

Rhythm of Love

Warm, soft, skin moves inside my thighs. / You plunge into my raging river, / And come up with a pearl.

you say goodnight

the hurt / p u l l s at me / when we get in bed / and you roll over

Of Men Behind Me

I’m pulling down my jeans, when he says, / “I’m behind you,” / and suddenly a rage comes / of men behind me:

Tear It Out – #1

There, on the floor in the looming shadow of books, sits the boy. Large brown eyes that hide a secret. If you look very closely you could s…


This passion that sweeps fire across my breast / It chokes within me / I cannot speak.


It ended as it had begun / with an agonized scream of unfulfilled need / and bitter accusations.

Electric Skin

Believe me / when I tell you

Star Whispers

Sometimes, before the sultry night air / caresses the sycamore trees to their / slumber, I can hear them whispering / in the muted emerald…

Secret Smoke

Our conversations / Were laid out / Like a linen blanket / On forest green grass

From Fantasy to Reality

“I love you,” he said / and drew lines / in the sand of his emotions
Irresistable by ShadowDancer


My Adonis / sculpted from / my dreams and / desires.
blues hangs in the air like fog.. it lasts and lasts and lasts... by ShadowDancer

A Heart’s Whisper

Stagnant noise extends the reality of the distance between them. His large hands clutch the phone….


I watch, / cars filled with souls / pass on the bridge, / reflecting in water below.
For Generations by ShadowDancer

The Passage of Nights

I chill in the night air. / I ache to be opened by you.


that charcoal night of / dusky vines / and earth swallowing earth,


hands crumple / like paper colors / grasping

Inner Child

sunken cheekbones of the dark haired girl / still cling to my memory like flesh to withered ribs.

Timbered Awakening

the leaves spoke softly / the fireflies gathered / the grass was moist beneath my feet


Above, the sky began to blur, / polished black glass / and diamonds. / I strain / to remember you.


as still as a heron / head slightly back / leaning in the penumbra of the sun / I crave just / a single movement

Shadow of Shame

there was nothing / in your kiss / in your smile / in your laughter / that belied / your intentions

Memory of You

But the bird of my heart will not sleep. / Still he sings… hush, bird.

The Heart – Part II

Moving forward, he strained to see the monitor. There it was. The steady pulse of a strong heart. He watched as the lips of the mother f…

The Heart – Part I

There it was. She watched the light dance it’s way across the monitor. Her own heart stopped, as she watched it’s perfect beat, it’s perf…

Fear of Insipidity

You amaze me and / I want to be with you / The same way night sleeps / On deep water
Whispers of Sacrafice by ShadowDancer


I come to you in fragments of a dream / pieces & stems / & half chewed morsels of flesh

Fear of Expression

It hurts / to write the words / that make their way / slowly and painfully / from my hand to the page
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