Kansas City, United States


you are my beacon at dusk, when the worlds colors…

like a signal fire / beaming from venus
Beautiful Algeria - Another time and place by ShadowDancer Calendar Beautiful Algeria - Warmth Radiated Across the Oasis by ShadowDancer Beautiful Algeria - Rum-Spattered Village by ShadowDancer Beautiful Algeria - Love those Turquoise Buildings by ShadowDancer Beautiful Algeria - Place of Memory by ShadowDancer Beautiful Algeria - Turquoise Building by ShadowDancer Beautiful Algeria - The Green Door by ShadowDancer would there still be stars, if men could touch them? by ShadowDancer sometimes in the night we become fragments of ourselves by ShadowDancer they flock into the darkness of the night by ShadowDancer he calls serenity the deep blue shadow that chants to him every night by ShadowDancer the sky was frozen steel but the sun still found a way to glow by ShadowDancer the night covered itself in red lace by ShadowDancer i don't know why this place always makes me feel so lonely by ShadowDancer loving you will take me there by ShadowDancer when the sky is clear i can see your heartbeat from across the ocean by ShadowDancer Secrets of the Sea by ShadowDancer San Francisco Took Her Heart by ShadowDancer your love is an eternal autumn in my soul by ShadowDancer as she rides into his sky by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - I wanna live in a rainbow by ShadowDancer Cityscapes... by a dreamer by ShadowDancer Calendar Cityscapes - Shadows, Reflections, and Clouds by ShadowDancer muted whispers of the songs of the seabirds by ShadowDancer

earth walker

I breathe in the stars, / and inhale their fantasy dust
fleeting faces in the night burn themselves into my mind by ShadowDancer Ghosts of Bourbon Street by ShadowDancer Aina floats with the butterflies by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Life Stories by ShadowDancer childhood is the most wonderful fairy tale of all by ShadowDancer

a lesson in language

drown in my language
Cityscapes - Purple Glow by ShadowDancer here is the smile that will break a thousand hearts by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Glow by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Blue at Midnight by ShadowDancer

at the brink

I’m dangling / on the edge of a cliff in my heart
Cityscapes - Hellfire by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Reflector by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Monolith by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - The way things were.. and are..  by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Between the shades of grey by ShadowDancer


A child’s screams / fall upon deafened ears.




can we really ever leave each other? / I exist / so you exist.
Desperately Wanting by ShadowDancer

shaman spirit

I empty myself / and my silence awakens the queen in me

l’oeil de la lune

tell me moon


Do you understand what / you did to me when / you poured your fire / over my hearts dry leaves?

Can you love, like this?

The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”.
Beautiful Algeria - Village Market by ShadowDancer memories full of summers slowly slipping away by ShadowDancer

the never ending dash

my heart has been running for some time


why did it take so long to find you? / my heart was for so long needing to feel / the beauty of tenderness like this
one man's walk to freedom by ShadowDancer silence your heart to hear the music of life by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Celebration of 18th & Vine by ShadowDancer through the eyes of someone that can see more of the light than the rest by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Back in Time by ShadowDancer

cumulus nimbus

no longer alone in the sky / my soul joins yours / two virgin-white clouds / swimming in inky blueness / feeling the warmth / of destiny on…

play it again, sam

breathe into me

a stillness will overcome

when I can finally forgive the past


Before I knew love / life was just air / suspended

to be your lover

you shining above me / lips parted
listen for the whispers of your own angel..  by ShadowDancer listen to the mountains breathe by ShadowDancer

a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l…

my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted
she is a shadow on the street but a mountain in their lives by ShadowDancer

the dragon storm

you are / an unwelcome hurricane


and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart

turning whiskey into nothing

there is a comfort / in talking to you / a warmth I still feel / despite my own misery


I can think of no sad songs / that will remind me of you.
the way your love anchors my flighty fairy heart by ShadowDancer when the darkness began to cast its shadow... you showed me what to do by ShadowDancer i miss you in the memories we haven't made yet... by ShadowDancer she carries the scent of dreams just beginning... by ShadowDancer the universe is in your touch by ShadowDancer The mystery of life presses down through his footsteps by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - Nighttime Golden Glow by ShadowDancer Cityscapes - The Cold Took Over the City by ShadowDancer
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