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Kansas City, United States

I am a dreamer, artist, and mother. I dance in the rain, spend too much time reading books, and live for my family. I am a gypsy, poet,...


Serenity at the shores by ShadowDancer


I find it unnerving / how contorted / our minds become

black-magic woman

before your selfish / fingers had jammed / themselves into my aorta, / i would’ve walked / right past him

handle with care

most don’t know / that i am broken
i want to lose myself in these waters by ShadowDancer


this delicious fire / feels so much sweeter / than….


his tongue dripped with silence


these remnants of you / reach far beyond what / ever was of us


a noise grows inside of me


you linger / like an imprint / residing deep inside of me

ashes to ashes

little pieces flicker off…
He showed me the way by ShadowDancer Ingenuity from the mind of a boy by ShadowDancer Splashes of Summer by ShadowDancer

invisible ink

he closed his eyes and / asked her to read to / him the story that beats / from her heart to his
as eternal as the waves in the ocean by ShadowDancer


the demons that call don’t like to be ignored
Summer of 1979 by ShadowDancer softly waiting... by ShadowDancer

Bossni (Kiss me)

invade me with your mouth
Swimming in the warmth of the sun by ShadowDancer remember when life was this easy by ShadowDancer the eternal girl in my heart by ShadowDancer it's there.. waiting to be found by ShadowDancer


I don’t want you to live inside / of me like a secret wind
Let the rhythm of the sea heal you by ShadowDancer only in solitude do i really spread my wings by ShadowDancer an unattended garden is my heart by ShadowDancer


silent rock
dark is the night but never will it stay by ShadowDancer round and round goes my heart by ShadowDancer some things just won't erase by ShadowDancer

a fable of heaven and hell, or something like it

she felt a scream bubble inside of her heart

The Witching Hour

I hear those voices that come just before sleep / They chant
take me there by ShadowDancer she dreams of him always by ShadowDancer daydreams that float on the summers wind by ShadowDancer his free spirit rides the wind into his fate by ShadowDancer her future is waiting silently within her dreams by ShadowDancer

the way music can lose its shape

so with numb fingers and / and the curtain falling to the floor / I say we have played this song long enough
She lights the world by ShadowDancer i never knew being alone weighed so much by ShadowDancer it's faded... it's all just faded and turning to dust by ShadowDancer


where delicate whispers / copied themselves and disappeared,
i want to drown in everything you are by ShadowDancer a whispered love story floating in the tops of the trees fingertips by ShadowDancer i can still see our dreams after the rain has washed the world away by ShadowDancer how can you resist that smile? by ShadowDancer

the colors of lightening

He asked her / “Have you ever seen lightening / before it leaves the clouds?”
Sahara by ShadowDancer when an angel smiles by ShadowDancer Full of curls and smiles by ShadowDancer tell me your dreams, little boy by ShadowDancer


I am breaking
girls are made of lilacs and butterfly kisses by ShadowDancer

threaded together with veins of love and hope

our conversations are the art between lovers / where words become paintings / and feelings are written in blood
in your ocean i'm ankle deep by ShadowDancer and there were 4 kings... by ShadowDancer it is sometimes difficult to know the real story by ShadowDancer

leaving winter behind

‘the past is the past’, so you say
when i woke up and found you next to me by ShadowDancer

lunar tides

my body is your moon / holding heaven inside of us

the empty

you are a path of cruelty
when life crashes around us, we can still fly by ShadowDancer sanctuary by ShadowDancer swim in the breeze off the rocky shore by ShadowDancer i know someday my soul will fly far from here by ShadowDancer


A smile appears on your face / as you pillage her body and / discard her soul;

Endangered Species

humans living in a flash forward

cutting the ropes from the fall

so I wound a rope around time / thick and plaited / then double knotted it with my soul

Music man

forges stars and constellations / that vibrate across my skin
swimming in the sunlight, i will always fly back to you by ShadowDancer

the weight of life moving forward without you

butterflies make love on the tips of sunbeams
the place at the sea where my tears stained my lens by ShadowDancer on the rocky shore you will find her.. still waiting for his return by ShadowDancer

straight, with salt and a lime

I keep these days / you have left me / in a bottle of cuervo
Cityscapes - The Palace Clothing Co. by ShadowDancer the warmth of this night glows with my soul by ShadowDancer she sent him love letters written on the ocean sky by ShadowDancer you turned my world upside down by ShadowDancer
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