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Recent Love Pain

bent I find it unnerving / how contorted / our minds become arson this delicious fire / feels so much sweeter / than…. blackout his tongue dripped with silence ashes to ashes little pieces flicker off… Summer of 1979 by ShadowDancer a fable of heaven and hell, or something like it she felt a scream bubble inside of her heart Dangerous No. choke can we really ever leave each other? / I exist / so you exist. a stillness will overcome when I can finally forgive the past vacancy and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart turning whiskey into nothing there is a comfort / in talking to you / a warmth I still feel / despite my own misery realization i am thankful for you / (in a way) erosion you once told me / that regardless of our love / mother river / always changes her course / leaving a trail of destruction / to create a ne… it's not just that it ended, it's that it was so easy for you to let me go by ShadowDancer fragments of a former love fool your love came with a knife skeletal insert your f***ing knife / across the yielding skin / of my forehead contact (without my heart) (my heart laid out on an empty page) evicted get out of my head fall from grace Have you ever heard the sound of a leaf when it falls from a tree in solitude? extinguished My favorite moments / are when I watch you sleep The Secret River I don’t want to be / some silly leftover romance / that started like a nuclear bomb / and ended without a whisper Journey of Forgotten Flesh You left in a storm and left me alone / to nurse myself back to health / amongst the shattered earth / and slices of forgotten flesh. Echoes of a Song by ShadowDancer Buried Thoughts of you are tiny imps / whispering in my ear, / endlessly / ceaselessly / tirelessly. photo boxes and red leather shoes your entire life / reduced down to small flashes / kept in a box brandy fresh from a pulsing vein i / will spill myself out in small / painful drops that drain my / soul