Inked: Love & Dreams

The heart and soul of a dreamer

Can you love, like this?

The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”.

l’oeil de la lune

tell me moon


why did it take so long to find you? / my heart was for so long needing to feel / the beauty of tenderness like this

shaman spirit

I empty myself / and my silence awakens the queen in me

Music man

forges stars and constellations / that vibrate across my skin

you are my beacon at dusk, when the worlds colors…

like a signal fire / beaming from venus

earth walker

I breathe in the stars, / and inhale their fantasy dust

a lesson in language

drown in my language

at the brink

I’m dangling / on the edge of a cliff in my heart


Do you understand what / you did to me when / you poured your fire / over my hearts dry leaves?

cumulus nimbus

no longer alone in the sky / my soul joins yours / two virgin-white clouds / swimming in inky blueness / feeling the warmth / of destiny on…

play it again, sam

breathe into me

a stillness will overcome

when I can finally forgive the past


Before I knew love / life was just air / suspended

to be your lover

you shining above me / lips parted

the dragon storm

you are / an unwelcome hurricane

a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l…

my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted

the murder of autumn

She can smell the soul of the trees burning alive today. Their secrets are smoldering and a longing oozes through the cracks in their bark.

The Weathervane

She is blinding in her silence

my knight, my sculptor, my slayer

I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover


As night descends upon us, the candles cast a luminescent glow / Our shadows dance along the wall, matching our bodies, nice and slow

Multiple Orgasm Wings


The Divine and Unbearable Celestial Love Affair

She lay quietly, glistening, / the stars of her skin twinkle as his fingers pass / and he wonders what universe her mind is in / as he feel…

my own butterfly effect

is the color of blue really lost forever / or did I just lose track of the sky?

a kiss of divine intoxication

your kiss is the divine wanting of my heart / for it is you who showed me how / to speak the language of the lotus moon


where delicate whispers / copied themselves and disappeared,

fast and furious

I feel it in the marrow of my bones / I feel you in the creases of my skin

the calming

cinnamon is growing in my bones

the “us” factor

the hidden multiplication / of my craving calculates / the tenderness in your soul / and replicates itself

violet cast



I lazily toss / my legs over the moon / hanging, waiting





fall from grace

Have you ever heard the sound of a leaf when it falls from a tree in solitude?

musings of a passionate gypsy – 2010 is nigh

I hear the stars smiling


My favorite moments / are when I watch you sleep

The Secret River

I don’t want to be / some silly leftover romance / that started like a nuclear bomb / and ended without a whisper

my fragile flowered heart

Like the angel-white petals / of a Jasmine turn towards / the scent of the golden rays / of her sun, I turn to you.


My love is yours for the asking… / but I like to hear you ask, / I like to see you beg

Surrender (part 2)

I will surrender, / and be without resistance for you.

The After

With infinite slowness, / the warm and sticky sweetness / of your love enveloped my being.

Midnight Quest of the Lone Spirit

From my perch, sheltered amongst the / evergreen gods overlooking the cliffs, / I hear the mountain breathe.

silent witness

when i hear those / sighs and / unguarded moans / i am coated, drunk, / intoxicated


she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare

this moment

I am reminded / that my life is here, whispering

Stealth Autumn

Today / it rained / and washed the summer away;


I met him long ago / needing someone / to dream of when bored


So, I did, / and how! / And how / it broiled my lips.

Orchestrated Kiss (in A Major)

have I ever told you / when you pull / a single note / out of the air / …………..


longing, / soft as a holy lake / caught unaware / in the hidden fold / of a virgin mountain?


as i / stepped up off the bus / a welter of faces and raindrops / arose like mist

The Lingerer

The ghost of him remains / like perfume on my pillow

Art of Flesh

He paints pictures / with his mouth

Kiss of the Moons Blanket

last night’s sky covered my lips / with his


It had been missing for some time / a piece of me / so slight I had overlooked it for quite a while

is it the same?

how do we know

Rhythm of Love

Warm, soft, skin moves inside my thighs. / You plunge into my raging river, / And come up with a pearl.

Electric Skin

Believe me / when I tell you

Star Whispers

Sometimes, before the sultry night air / caresses the sycamore trees to their / slumber, I can hear them whispering / in the muted emerald…

Secret Smoke

Our conversations / Were laid out / Like a linen blanket / On forest green grass


My Adonis / sculpted from / my dreams and / desires.

The Passage of Nights

I chill in the night air. / I ache to be opened by you.


that charcoal night of / dusky vines / and earth swallowing earth,

A Walk in the Clouds

a glide / through iridescent softness / cruising through delicate cirrus clouds

Barnes & Noble

The line was stifled, like a sneeze / during Sunday morning church, / muted air hushed the / intoxicating scents of / cappuccino and latte…


I come to you in fragments of a dream / pieces & stems / & half chewed morsels of flesh

A Single Star

Islands float around my head, / well worn by conversations and promises.

The Redwood and the Rain Goddess

But when will you understand, / my Forest Sovereign, / that they are crying because / you drink me in / but then send me on my way?


when a sigh escapes / those peach flavored lips
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