I discovered photography in college as a way to balance my technical studies. I was a Physics and Mathematics major who needed something less analytical to keep sane. For the next few years, I took my trusty Canon SLR everywhere I went. In graduate school – studying more physics – I temporarily gave up photography for a while. I still had my camera but neither the time nor the funds to purchase and develop large numbers of rolls. Then digital photography matured and I purchased another Canon SLR – the Canon 300D SLR. I’ve been taking pictures ever since then! These days I’ve moved on to a Canon 40D – an excellent camera.

I particularly enjoy landscape and architecture with geometrically interesting shapes. Repeated patterns fascinate me in their ability to trigger something emotional in all of us. And lately I have developed an interest in making and photographing my origami.

  • Age: 36
  • Joined: November 2007