Shadi N. Saber

Shadi N. Saber

Khobar / Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Shadi N. Saber: Saudi, Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Reader, Writer, Unwilling-Executive, and child of the 80s. (much neglected website/ blog)
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(I usually post more here than anywhere else though)
(Been experimenting with photography a bit)

aaand if you absolutely have to email me; drop me a line at

  • Age: 37
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I’ve been experimenting with a digital camera recently; I thought about posting the photos I took here or on DA but I decided I’d rather have this be drawing-only profile and created a flickr account for them . / Please take a look here / p.s.: Only 9 pictures so far but I’ve taken literally thousands in the last month or so, so chances are I might be adding a few more (:
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Wonder Woman Spotted

The lovely Venus? on Heroine posted a picture of her wearing the Wonder Woman T in the buyer’s booth (:
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Harddisk! 500 Gigs! Last Backed Up 2 Months Ago! Scanned Work! FELL! BROKE! GRRRAAAH!
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