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The Gaze

Your sprit enlarges / The body is not big enough / To vessel its growth

Free in our fear

‘After catching the fever of freedom / And regurgitating the iron nets cast by society’

Something close

Dreamy while in my skin i died / And was born for the third time

Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse

Understand / That what I really am / Is not visible


Our friendship transcends time

All day at work

All those unspoken undulations / And chaotic vibrations / That you’re feeling / There’s a reason why they / Call your attent…

Phone call

…silences hover / Where internal thoughts / Refrain from evolving into sound


And woke up drenched in the presence / Of you and the dream / The message / What does it mean

Sing from the source

He is himself / And nothing else


The source that makes her sing / Is hidden from her sight / Turns stars into dust / And makes the sun explode with light

Reign of rage

Was I left behind / Or did I leave them behind? / I’m not even sure if I’m human / In this pace

Hide and Seek

I am here / And so are you / We look / And we say nothing / Us two

The day after the eclipse

We talked briefly / Of intuition / Of high sensitivity / Of wolf women / Of taking the stand…


You’re Indio love / Let it flood


Your agenda self satisfaction..

Shadow Caster

Not even the gods could claim you

Time isn’t real

Sit in wonder / Muted by what you’re seeing / And what your feeling / By what you’re dreaming / Dream to discover / Silentl…

Synchronised Sunrises (poem and song)

Nothing is lost / Nothing is wasted…


Do you think the earth remembers? / I do

Time Traveller

Jeff Beck perfection / Playing porcupine / Time travelling / Soul sight

You know your rites

You know you’re magic / You know your rites
Beckoning  by Sukhwinder Flora

The Snake

The man / Still a boy

Wake Up

And I had to fall / With the rest of the world / To wake up / So I did


Turn away / From the abstractions / Of results and targets / Of power and ego

My body

I carry a weight with me / I think it’s my silence

Matt and Phreds

Double rum / And diet coke please / Making conversation / Doesn’t come with ease / Cheeks touch / Hands shake / Glass clinks / Che…

Elliott Smith

Beloved / Heaven adores you


I want to discover / How far you can feel / What you are willing / To reveal / Whether the wilderness / Will pull you in / Whether the rive…

Nirbhaya (fearless)

In attempting to destroy / Her spirit / You are destroying / The essence of nature

Foot Steps

Her hair / Fiery red / And frantic / Fuses ready / To set alight / Untamed / Medusa / Like the manic / In her eyes

The War on Drugs

I have a piece of string / Around my wrist / It represents / A bond / A connection / That we can’t see / Exists


At the drumming desire / Restless and fierce / Instincts and fire / An undercurrent / That doesn’t flinch
All edges hum by Sukhwinder Flora Soul Self by Sukhwinder Flora


In these few seconds / All but truth has ended

Two days in one sky

The journey to work / Was almost like any other / Was muffled with the noise / Of distant talkers / Familiar dreamers / And stirring / Slee…


You might / Stumble / Over thorns / Broken bones / And branches / Sometimes / Diverges / Into two / Or many / And you / Have to / Ch…

More Than This

There is always / A choice / You taught me / That I always / Have a voice

I knew

I could see / A delicate man / Behind / Your physical frame / Beauty / In your name

Begin again

Each morning / A new page / A new sky / To write on / And fly in


May be a little slow to warm" / May be a little torn / May be a little rough / Around the edges

Quantum compass

The star-maker / Smiling back / Laughing at / The game / The we’re forced / To play


It’s in our names / Its in our blood / Like Ivy and vines / Intertwined

Stone Child

You assumed to know / What I feel / And based / Your decision to part / On your assumption / Of knowing my heart

No other way to be

I sway to the singing / Of my silent children / I am the moon turning / I am the sun shining / I am the earth erupting


Stand absolved / In your flames / And fall into / Your beauty


The sky wanting / To touch the earth / And your gaze / On mine

A middle way

There will / Always be / Flowers / In the ashes / There will / Always be rivers / Running faster

Her sound

Her core / Her source / Her sun / Is sealed / Within / Her sound

Heart Light

All the impalpable / Overloading / With my emotion / And I want to pause / To watch the world / In slow motion / I want to pause / To …

Sacred on our skin

Sacred / On our skin / Something ancient / Within

Cycling with my Dad

Cycling with my dad / On our Yorkshire bike ride / I was racing / With a dragon fly

Black Magic

Watch him / Remember / The River / Within him


…digging / Through the / Scared soil / With my hands / And nails / Prussian blue / Crimson and purple oils

Soul Dripping Wet

Your ocean eyes / Form / The sea / The waves / Crystallising / Ice / In / Your wolf eyes


I’m normally / The one / Who denies / What you see

Owl Sight

Yellow and bright / Irises eclipsing / A sun / Irises made / For the night / Eyes that / Take flight / In the stillness


I found freedom in a strangers voice

Some men and their eyes

Some men and their eyes / Like to crush / And douse / What they cannot control / Or possess

The Office

I dream about breaking / Through the glass / And flying / Through the frame

The Calling

Because you see me / In my entirety / You see my soul / And I feel it


All of the faces / You wore / Before / You can / Put to rest / Let them go

I keep listening

I see the gaps / Where you look / With nothing else / With no barrier / To who are

Dream deep, and deeply dream

You / You are a shard / From the heart / Of beauty / Incarnate / Don’t be afraid / Of the power / Of perception / You harness

Cut the kite loose

Remove the noose / From my writs / Cut it loose / It’s twists / And makes bars of scars / In the emotional dimension


Although I want to / I don’t need / To touch you / To feel you

My Mother Understands

Like the silence of a stone / Sitting heavy, still / And alone

When I’m raw, I’m ripe

Ive learnt that when / Im ripe im raw / When im raw im ripe / Ive learnt to give in / And self-combust / Instead of fight

4am Tidal Wave

For some people / Their words are their eyes / And their vision is dissected / And the dissection is undetected

Im in the purple, that’s deep in you

I’m in minor / I’m in blue / I’m in the purple / That’s deep in you

Past life

Calling me / Like Lazarus returning

The Man

The man who openly mocks / The magic of my body

Unspoken Law

I see Vultures and clowns / I see puppets and the / Mechanics of / Being human


Petals sprouting from my skin / And all the words that lie within / All the images / I keep inside / Are erupting to be alive

Eyes on eyes (Poem and song)

A city in the lake / I learn to drown / Just so that i can breath

Hieroglyphic Sisters

And my soul was torn asunder / And the child that would have been born / Vanished in the shifting distance / Of my dream

Wild Winds

Sometimes I feel / Another being awakening / In my body

Rivers dont stop runnning (Poem and song)

You’re always hidden / Im always here / To be forgiveness / in your fear

Another Version (Poem and Song)

Im sick to death / Of seeing nothing / But skin / Feeling / A universe and more / Within
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