The War on Drugs

I have a piece of string / Around my wrist / It represents / A bond / A connection / That we can’t see / Exists


At the drumming desire / Restless and fierce / Instincts and fire / An undercurrent / That doesn’t flinch
All edges hum by Sukhwinder Flora Soul Self by Sukhwinder Flora


In these few seconds / All but truth has ended

Two days in one sky

The journey to work / Was almost like any other / Was muffled with the noise / Of distant talkers / Familiar dreamers / And stirring / Slee…


You might / Stumble / Over thorns / Broken bones / And branches / Sometimes / Diverges / Into two / Or many / And you / Have to / Ch…

More Than This

There is always / A choice / You taught me / That I always / Have a voice

I knew

I could see / A delicate man / Behind / Your physical frame / Beauty / In your name

Begin again

Each morning / A new page / A new sky / To write on / And fly in

Young Galaxy

And though / I’m sleeping / I’m walking / Towards / The sunlight


May be a little slow to warm" / May be a little torn / May be a little rough / Around the edges

Quantum compass

The star-maker / Smiling back / Laughing at / The game / The we’re forced / To play

Under Blue Moon I Saw You

Your hands holding me / Like the guitar you played / Whispering the lyrics / Of the song you made


It’s in our names / Its in our blood / Like Ivy and vines / Intertwined

Stone Child

You assumed to know / What I feel / And based / Your decision to part / On your assumption / Of knowing my heart

No other way to be

I sway to the singing / Of my silent children / I am the moon turning / I am the sun shining / I am the earth erupting


Stand absolved / In your flames / And fall into / Your beauty


The sky wanting / To touch the earth / And your gaze / On mine

A middle way

There will / Always be / Flowers / In the ashes / There will / Always be rivers / Running faster

Her sound

Her core / Her source / Her sun / Is sealed / Within / Her sound

Heart Light

All the impalpable / Overloading / With my emotion / And I want to pause / To watch the world / In slow motion / I want to pause / To …

Sacred on our skin

Sacred / On our skin / Something ancient / Within

Cycling with my Dad

Cycling with my dad / On our Yorkshire bike ride / I was racing / With a dragon fly

Black Magic

Watch him / Remember / The River / Within him


…digging / Through the / Scared soil / With my hands / And nails / Prussian blue / Crimson and purple oils

Soul Dripping Wet

Your ocean eyes / Form / The sea / The waves / Crystallising / Ice / In / Your wolf eyes


I’m normally / The one / Who denies / What you see

Owl Sight

Yellow and bright / Irises eclipsing / A sun / Irises made / For the night / Eyes that / Take flight / In the stillness


I found freedom in a strangers voice

Some men and their eyes

Some men and their eyes / Like to crush / And douse / What they cannot control / Or possess

The Office

I dream about breaking / Through the glass / And flying / Through the frame

The Calling

Because you see me / In my entirety / You see my soul / And I feel it


All of the faces / You wore / Before / You can / Put to rest / Let them go

I keep listening

I see the gaps / Where you look / With nothing else / With no barrier / To who are

Dream deep, and deeply dream

You / You are a shard / From the heart / Of beauty / Incarnate / Don’t be afraid / Of the power / Of perception / You harness

Cut the kite loose

Remove the noose / From my writs / Cut it loose / It’s twists / And makes bars of scars / In the emotional dimension


Although I want to / I don’t need / To touch you / To feel you

My Mother Understands

Like the silence of a stone / Sitting heavy, still / And alone

When I’m raw, I’m ripe

Ive learnt that when / Im ripe im raw / When im raw im ripe / Ive learnt to give in / And self-combust / Instead of fight

4am Tidal Wave

For some people / Their words are their eyes / And their vision is dissected / And the dissection is undetected

Im in the purple, that’s deep in you

I’m in minor / I’m in blue / I’m in the purple / That’s deep in you

Past life

Calling me / Like Lazarus returning

The Man

The man who openly mocks / The magic of my body

Unspoken Law

I see Vultures and clowns / I see puppets and the / Mechanics of / Being human


Petals sprouting from my skin / And all the words that lie within / All the images / I keep inside / Are erupting to be alive

Eyes on eyes (Poem and song)

A city in the lake / I learn to drown / Just so that i can breath

Hieroglyphic Sisters

And my soul was torn asunder / And the child that would have been born / Vanished in the shifting distance / Of my dream

Wild Winds

Sometimes I feel / Another being awakening / In my body

Rivers dont stop runnning (Poem and song)

You’re always hidden / Im always here / To be forgiveness / in your fear

Another Version (Poem and Song)

Im sick to death / Of seeing nothing / But skin / Feeling / A universe and more / Within

The edge is near

I flicker / Because perhaps / I’m not real

Put away the plates

To find that inner resting place / Hidden from another’s gaze

The Flood

I wait for the tide and the flood / The wild wind calls my name / And I run
Portrait of my sister by Sukhwinder Flora Dont be afraid of your blue mind by Sukhwinder Flora

All I really know

A seeker trying to find her own mind / A love left behind and undefined
You can call on me when you need the light by Sukhwinder Flora Who do you think you are by Sukhwinder Flora Singing the blues has been getting old by Sukhwinder Flora like everyone else they were stalling, and now they seem so different by Sukhwinder Flora The slow motion moves me, the monologue means nothing to me... by Sukhwinder Flora This is the last day of our acquaintance   by Sukhwinder Flora I talk but you don't listen to me by Sukhwinder Flora Can You See by Sukhwinder Flora

Mr Piano

Mr Pianos become a shelf…

Turn your self into sound

Turn yourself into sound / How could anyone not feel you now….
His heart was a purple castle within the self made empire of his soul.. by Sukhwinder Flora The Middle Way by Sukhwinder Flora Give me a sign by Sukhwinder Flora

All there is

Your queen / Your house / Your Souls bazaar / Your dream of life / Serenading stars…..
The distance between us is the deepest shade of blue by Sukhwinder Flora Remember Me by Sukhwinder Flora Untitled by Sukhwinder Flora Mandhir by Sukhwinder Flora Untitled by Sukhwinder Flora Goddess by Sukhwinder Flora Place to belong by Sukhwinder Flora But Who Can Hold Life by Sukhwinder Flora Free as a bird by Sukhwinder Flora
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