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Five Features in One Day...WOW!

I usually avoid troubling my many supporters with daily updates on my features, my sales, my colonoscopy…(or whatever). I’m thrilled to have been notified by four groups on RedBubble that some of my art had been featured. Before these moderators come to their senses (or take their medication, which ever comes first). I need to brag, bow, and take credit for these wonders(sorry NO pictures of the art I’m not smart enough to figure that out!). My MAC refuses to comply! Thanks everybody for looking and commenting (both of you!).
∆ 03/23/12 “Modern King of Spades” featured in the Disability and Beauty Group,
∆ 03/23/12 “Little Dog Lost” featured in ART UNIVERSE,
∆ 03/23/12 “Snow Owl II” featured in The Pen & Ink Corner,
∆ 03/23/12 “Titania” featured in ART UNIVERSE,
∆ 03/23/12 “Tuco” featured in Freedom in Words and Art Group.

Pardon the sarcasm but the last journal I put up, I got one comment on it, and that was for a spelling error! Why does RedBubble have JOURNALS when very few groups accept them??

Journal Comments

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