Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through the window I left open for my self


Can you feel the alone words?
Blowing through, like fiberglass stretching
moments into long stale tears, of forgotten,
all too remembered years,
stacking up like refinery towers
when the hours of man
fall short,
just a little short
of himself,
burning off the pain of being

That thick, foul, internal, human man smog
puffing out all that smog—
can you see it leaking
from your numerous pores?
when the world slows down speeds up,
becoming so loud, it chokes you
when you open your mouth
to sing—

when you were just wishing to be
the lone chickadee
on the raindrop branch:
dry, unafraid, beautiful;
waiting for the clouds to part—

for that one ray of sunlight to shine down
onto your upturned face,
so for a moment, you can feel heaven
and happily lie
beneath God.

Inside that sun’s beam you are
all that there is—
whether surrounded by the hell
of human man smog, or fields
of fragrant wild flowers
blossoming at the side of the road.


Standing in a field of loose gray-day wheat
as the wind takes you further away
from your self:
this, for me, is alone.

Sitting on a wooden chair, one finger tracing
love on a rainy day window:
alone, alone, alone.

Looking around in your happiest moment
and finding yourself alone
in a festering dark,
words hanging soft from your lips,
laughter rolling off of your hands;
your heart in your searching mouth
wishing you had someone to share these things with
and coming up empty:

certainly, this must be

You feel them? The alone words?
You gave them, spelling out moments
to you, to others:
for alone, strength; for you.

Yet inside, you knew all along:
there have to be long disturbed moments,
where warmth doesn’t touch you at all—

where all that you get
is more maze
and the burden of time,
where no man may see
or know your mourning,
or the black dripping smog
surrounding your head
of wanting
open blue sky;
where you are unseen, dirty, cold,
where you’ve become
refusal itself.


So I tell my self:

“Make yourself warm,
learn to like licking the wounds
you’ve earned
on your walk;
forge a vase inside of your heart
out of twisted
lightening rod glass,
and be filled
with fresh morning sunlight
in the hands of today’s window.”

“You are not alone,” I say,
“when warmed
with a morning blessing
with chickadee song.”

© Kristin Reynolds 4 26 2011

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Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through the window I left open for my self by 

the word alone conjures many pictures, different pictures from one to the next. alone can be beautiful and/or lonely; we choose what it is we see.


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  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 3 years ago

    My lordy an opus
    masterfully felt and conveyed in your divine ink. So sublime it leaves me in awe.

  • thank you always, dear kindred love. xoxo

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioover 3 years ago


  • oh, and there is much tied up in blood, too. yes, yes.
    thanks man. x

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • lisameryl
    lisamerylover 3 years ago

    K, you always amaze me with your poetry and prose which are complete works of art…for this is deeply moving and beautiful! Your ink overfloweth and running wild like the wind! =)XO

  • Thanks girly girl. :)

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • MaryMac
    MaryMacover 3 years ago

    Excellent write…
    I meet more man smog than I’d like (some really need to scrape their tongues the stench gets so bad) and on those rainy days of alone…I pop in “The Doors” and Jim Morrison seems to make the man smog lift regardless of the sun coming out or not.
    Peace and hope to you always Kristin,

  • lol ha! yes, yes it does get nasty, don’t it?
    you have the doors, I have Bob Marley…I can’t listen to that man without damn near bursting with absolute love and light.
    thanks hun. x

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinover 3 years ago

    This is exquisite…amazing work

  • Wow, thanks hun :)

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • Butterfly66
    Butterfly66over 3 years ago

    Kristen you are truly amazing, your words are of great wisdom. In a past life you must have been a prophet or maybe a queen to be so wise… Much love and many blessings to you…xoxo

  • Rocky Loder
    Rocky Loderover 3 years ago

    beautiful poetry….

  • thanks R man. x

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 3 years ago

    Awesome write K!! I wish I knew what it was like to be alone. Even when I am by myself I have a lot of people around to converse with. LOL

  • ha! you really think I’m alone—ever? lol I have 5 young kids…I get up at 4am just so I can have some alone time to write. lol most of this is elongating the few moments in my life I was ever alone. but yeah…surrounded over here! lol

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • YouBet
    YouBetover 3 years ago

    I agree with your closing words!!

  • Thank you linny!

    – Kristin Reynolds

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 3 years ago

    Dear Kristen what a beautiful odyssey this is. Your imagery and emotions moves my very soul. A powerful, sensitive and very important write.

  • Really? I am very pleased to hear tyhat, Anthea, I am honored. thank you. x

    – Kristin Reynolds

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