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Iva Penner

Iva Penner

Pittsburgh, United States

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I am new, in a world made of connections, but I forget.
The feeling you get when you see the first stroke on the blank canvas keeps on amazing me. I do the things I have to do, walk on the grass, look at the sky and connect a facet of a reality. I can’t remember the things I’ve connected, and can’t forget the things discovered.
I wish I can remember that, but I am new, so the first stroke of light amazes me.

Check out my site http://ivapenner.wix.com/the-i-gallery

Something Old, Something New.. – Book of Flower Photography

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Too fast, too slow, / Too harsh, too weak, / Too soft, too loud, / Too hot, too cold. / No, No, No, NO! / I am and I am just right.
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The Lines

I pray to simple, but show complicated. / I prefer real food, but hate reality TV. / I don’t like ice cream, but thrive on fantasy. / I am a romantic, but don’t do cute. / I like shoes, but stick to one pair. / Where have drawn the lines and why?
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One day when I was really young I saw a painting. It was of a worn down shoe. It was realistic, quirky, funny and self contained in its meaning. From that day on I wanted to paint to get to the point when I could do that. / I wish someday he would paint the other shoe. :)
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oops, this is not working
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