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The way of the exquisite corpse

What is an exquisite corpse you say? Well my friend an exquisite corpse is on one hand: the game you might have played as a child, where somone draws a head on piece of paper then folds it back so only the neck lines are showing, the next person draws the torso and folds it back only leaving the waist lines visible and so on.
And on the other hand: an exquisite corpse is also a way of collaborating with your fellow artists on a ‘blind’ collaboration. The artists may agree the medium first then one procedes to fill one half of the page with whatever they decide to do. They leave a small strip 1-3 cms exposed and cover the rest by taping paper over their work.
The next artist the continues the artwork from the small exposed section, and when finished normally has the pleasure of revealing the final peice.
There are some amazing artists actively engaged in doing exquisite corpses at the moment, some of whom i have had the pleasure of collaborating with. Its a wonderful process and i have always learned volumes by analyzing the technique in the small strip and trying to flow with their imagery.

Below is some links to the exquisite corpse group on redbubble, and on deviant art. Please enjoy contact some people and maybe get involved it really is magical seeing the final result.


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  • Cindy Schnackel