Jacqui Handran
Diploma of Graphic Design Graduate

  • Joined: July 2010


ADGA Poster Annual 2010 entry

My entry in the ADGA Poster Annual 2010 Competition / Linked Text / / The young lady i used for the template to create the concrete poetry/text is my daughter, Ashleigh. I’d be exciting for both of us if my poster is chosen in the top 30.
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Celebrating a glass half full on

In response to the brief (below) I wanted to depict the concept of optimism by celebrating “a glass half full” that could be interpreted by anyone, any age or any race around the world without using text and at the same time sending a message through the use of imagery to the pessimists that all is not as it appears. / / 2010 B…
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50 things about Jacqui

Here is 50 qUeStIoNs for all you Bubblers out there….x / 1. What is Your Favourite Hobby? Keep it clean! at the moment…RedBubble / 2. How Old were you when you left School? 17 / 3. What was your first Pet? cat – Chowder / 4. If you were a Fruit ,what kind would you be? mango / 5. If you were a Drink,what kind would you be? spider / 6. Have you ever Won a Prize? yep, heaps …
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