Serendipity2lip (was supposed to be “Serendipitytulip” but it wouldn’t fit as a user name. It fits me perfectly though - my life is one long series (does that make me old?—NO!) of ‘HAPPY ACCIDENTS!" There usually is a funny story to go with those ’happy accidents’.

I love REDBUBBLE! What a blessing to view all these lovely pieces of art from around the world! Traveling in my mind’s eye….without leaving the house! :) Thank you Redbubble!

Thank you to everyone that views my photos and makes comments—-advice welcome! I am just an amateur with a great love of beautiful images! Since I can’t draw or paint; I take pictures!

My 2nd love (aside from family & friends—that’s a ‘given’)……is NEW ZEALAND. I traveled there 2004 and visited for 3 short weeks!

This gave me the opportunity to start an import business for organic & natural skin care. I now represent 3 companies 2 from NZ and one from Australia. Go check out “Naturally New Zealand”

Please check out my sister on redbubble at Tate6. She has taken many beautiful photos!

Happy Thoughts!

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